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At 69 he still remains the most popular and successful songwriter, and from the looks of it, Cheap Paul McCartney tickets isn’t going anywhere soon. Hailing from Liverpool, England, he was the essential fourth piece of the legendary band, The Beatles. Besides contributing with his sensational bass playing, he penned many of the hits for the group. Paul McCartney is a gifted musician and his ability to come up with the most astounding lyrics is in-born. From a very early age he started writing and found inspiration in his relationships, people that surrounded him, incidences and real life issues. McCartney had great support from his parents and they helped nurture his talent. When he was 14 his mother passed away because of breast cancer and the incident affected him greatly. John Lennon discovered Paul when he was singing at a local church, soon after his mother’s death. He was impressed by his deep vocals and versatility. The two joined hands and together went on to write exceptional songs. Paul McCartney credits his songwriting to Lennon, claiming that his instantaneous approach taught him a lot.

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Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Paul McCartney Mount Smart Stadium Auckland Saturday
12/16/2017 5:30 PM
Live & Let Die - Paul McCartney Tribute Levoy Theatre Millville Friday
1/12/2018 8:00 PM

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Their songwriting partnership is still talked about and remains the most successful collaborations in the music history. Lennon-McCartney became a trademark and one of their songs, "Yesterday" holds a page in the Guinness World Records. It is the only song ever that has been performed by many different artists and several cover versions have been made. Both the artists boast of immense writing skills but never once in their collaborations did they experience a rift. Although John Lennon is no more, McCartney still finds him near him, claiming that often when he is writing, Lennon’s voice appear in his head either giving approval or griping. The artist has stated on numerous occasions that it was indeed an honor working with Lennon. Paul McCartney showed great versatility from the very beginning. Be it playing instruments, writing lyrics or vocals, he boasted of diversification. The legend was apt at playing numerous instruments, although he was widely recognized for his extraordinary guitar strumming. He also got famous for his swinging piano chords and had a natural hand for the keyboards. McCartney has written on an array of topics and fans have been delighted by his love songs, politically influenced tracks, anthems on freedom and peace as well as emotional, soulful ballads.

The artist along with his fellow band members successfully revolutionized the music industry. Their compositions as well as music style had a great impact on popular culture. Paul McCartney transitioned quite beautifully and effectively from different genres. While with The Beatles he stuck mostly to the rock/pop genre but when he embarked on his solo career, music lovers got to hear different styles from him. He produced everything from classic melodies to heartfelt ballads as well as orchestral music. He composed several tracks for choir and symphony orchestra, the popular ones being, "The Liverpool Oratorio" and "A Leaf". In 1969 Paul McCartney married Linda Eastman, who was an American photographer. Fans as well as the critics still thank the wonderful lady as she remained the major source of inspiration for the artist for a very long time. Their relationship and love remained in the headlines from time to time. Linda died in 1998 but because of her music industry got phenomenal tracks, "Maybe I’m Amazed", "The Lovely Linda", "Long Haired Lady" as well as "Every Night".

In some of these songs she even provided backing vocals. Even after her death, McCartney proved his budding love for her and came up with hit albums like, "Flaming Pie" which included chart topper "Beautiful Night". The reason for Paul McCartney’s success and why his music after so many years remains unique and ingenious is that he’s never afraid to experiment. He single handedly produced 22 albums and 75 singles, all different from each other. In his ongoing stellar career, the legend has won multiple Grammy Awards, the latest one in 2011 in the category of Best Solo Rock Vocals. Several times he has appeared on the best composers list and was even voted as the composer of the millennium by a public poll. Young at heart and mind, Paul McCartney still creates electrifying ambience at his live shows. He will soon embark on his "On the Run Tour" and to catch him live, get your Paul McCartney Tickets now! It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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