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Christmas has come early for music lovers as you now have the once in a lifetime chance to catch two of the most melodious singers of today together, all for the price of one ticket. It does not get any better than this. Now you can attend a concert headlined by Gavin Degraw and Matt Nathanson. All you have to do to be a part of this exciting event is buy Gavin Degraw & Matt Nathanson tickets.

Buy Matt Nathanson Gavin DeGraw Tickets

About Matt Nathanson Gavin DeGraw


For fans of music, Gavin DeGraw has become a household name owing to his success story. This New York native grew up in Catskills in South Fallsburg. He had working parents who kept him grounded. His father who is Irish worked as a prison guard while his Russian Jewish mother worked as a detox specialist. His parents were quick to spot the musical genes their son had inherited as he started playing the piano at the young age of eight. From very early on, Gavin began incorporating his observations into his songs. One such song that was based on the work of his father was Don’t Want to Be. In fact it was Gavin’s older brother who encouraged him in singing the song for the drama ‘One Tree Hill.’ The song released in 2003 and made Gavin a star overnight. The song has since then been covered several times including on ‘American Idol’ and ‘Idol Sweden.’


After a positive response, Gavin released his complete debut album  titled ‘Chariot.’ It was produced by Mark Endert and released by the Sunset Sound. The album was recorded in Los Angeles. The result was extraordinary as it sold more than a million copies. The album was certified platinum. Three of the most well received songs on the album were Chariot, I Don’t Want to be and Follow Through. Following on from the success of his first album, Gavin re-released the acoustic version with the title ‘Chariot Striped.’ An addition to all the previous songs was a cover of the famous Sam Cooke song A Change is Gonna Come.


In 2008 Gavin introduced his second album which was self titled. The album featured such hit numbers as In Love with a Girl and Cheated on Me. Once again the album met with positive reviews and made its entry at the top spot of the digital sales. It also made it to number 7 on the Top 200 of the Billboard Albums chart. Since then, he has been wowing his fans with a steady stream of work. His albums ‘Free,’ ‘Sweeter’ and ‘Make a Move’ have all been well received.  Some of his most famous songs from these albums include Dancing Shoes, Glass, Stay, Not Over You and Best I Ever Had. Now you can listen to all these and many more of his hits; so hurry and buy Gavin Degraw & Matt Nathanson tickets.


The second collaborator in this music event is Matt Nathanson. He belongs to Massachusetts where he grew up in Lexington to a Jewish father and a Catholic mother. Growing up Matt studied from the Proctor Academy which is in Andover, NH. He went on to get a degree in English and World Literature from Pitzer College in Claremont California. He released his first album ‘Some Mad Hope’ in 2007. The song All We Are from that album was chosen to be played on the television show, NCIS. In addition to this two of his other songs Come on Get Higher and I Saw made it to the popular sitcom ‘Scrubs.’  His song Little Victories was also played on the sixth season episode of Scrubs.


Now is your chance to catch two rising music stars at the peak of their talent. And it all comes for the price of one ticket. So there is absolutely no time to waste. Grab your Gavin DeGraw & Matt Nathanson tickets now.


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