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Born on the thirty first of January in the year 1947, Roy Alexander Batherson, more popularly known as Matt Minglewood was born in the city of Moncton that is located in New Brunswick. Matt is a popular Canadian singer who plays music that falls in the genre of country, folk and blues music. Though Matt was born in Moncton, he was raised in the city of North Sydney. His family then moved to Glace Bay that is located in the district of Nova Scotia that is a municipality in Canada. The recurring and main theme is most of his ballads includes hope, passion, loneliness, frustrations, love and disappointment and a majority of his ballads are autobiographical. A few of these ballads are, “Long Way from Texas” and “Me and the Boys”. If you are a fan of the artist then you will be pleased to know that he is preparing for an upcoming event which you can become a part of by purchasing Matt Minglewood tickets today.

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Matt became involved in music from his teenage years and joined a band that was named “Rockin’ Saints”. He started playing at high school events and taverns until the age when he was big enough to play at night clubs and bars. He carried on playing with the Rockin’ Saints and provided them with his guitar and organ expertise. When the artist entered his twenties, he left the Rockin’ Saints and became a part of the band named “Sam Moon, Matt Minglewood and the Universal Power”. The main vocalists for the band were, as the name suggests, Matt Minglewood and Sam Moon. After the formation of this band in the year 1969, the band became famous in the Dartmouth area, as it performed regularly at the Halifax metro area and at high schools and colleges.
It was in the year 1974, that Minglewood decided to form his very own band that originated from another group that was called “Peppertree”. The name of his very first ensemble was “The Minglewood Band”. This band was able to get a signing contract with the Solar Records Company in the year 1975, after which it was able to release his debut album that was called “The Red Album”. After the release of their debut album, the band was approached by another record label company that was called “RCA Records”. The group’s debut album received such fame and popularity, that it was able to get them the Juno Award in the year 1980 for the Most Promising Group of the Year.
In the year 1985, Matt re-launched himself with his original name and at the same time, performed in another group that was called “Cape Breton Summertime Revue”. This group was a seasonal group and didn’t perform on an annual basis. Over the period of his career, Matt has released a total of eleven studio albums and five singles for which he has been able to win numerous awards and nominations which include the Canadian Country Music Awards, the East Coast Music Awards and Juno Awards. The most recent studio album released by the band was in the year 2005 that was named “The Story”. Before this album Matt came up with “Live at Last” in the year 2003, “Drivin’ Wheel” in the year 1999, “The Promise” in the year 1988, “Me and the Boys” in the year 1986, “M5” in the year 1985, “Smokers” in the year 1984, “Out on a Lamb” in the year 1981, “Movin” in the year 1980, “Minglewood Band” in the year 1979 and lastly his debut album “The Red Album” in the year 1975. You should know that the artist will be performing hits from many of his albums which you can listen to by purchasing Matt Minglewood tickets without any further delay. From “Livin’ Outside of the Law” to “Georgia on a Fast Train” and “You Win Again”, listen to Matt live at his upcoming show by acquiring cheap Matt Minglewood tickets immediately.

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