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Jeff Beck stands tall among legendary guitarists of history; he is as refined as Eric Clapton, as creative as Jimmy Page and as ambitious as Jimi Hendrix. Although he never matched commercial success of his contemporaries, his influence on guitar world nevertheless is one of the most substantial. Consistently ranked among the Greatest Guitarists of All Time, Jeff Beck transcends different genres which has resulted in the form of some of the best and the most original compositions.

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About Jeff Beck

Born in 1944 in Wallington, England - Jeff Beck had started to sing in a church choir by the time he was 10. And by the time he stepped into teenage, he had already started experimenting with manufacturing his own guitar. During his developmental years, he was deeply influenced by the likes of Cliff Gallup, Steve Cropper and B.B. King – these influences helped shape his musical penchants and guitar interests.
As a teenager, Beck joined ‘The Rumbles’ for a short period in 1963 and was immediately noted for his genre-diverse guitar proficiencies. In 1965, he was nominated as Eric Clapton’s replacement in ‘The Yardbirds.’ The band released one full studio album Yardbirds/Roger the Engineer in 1966 with Beck as lead guitarist. A year later, Beck parted ways with ‘The Yardbirds’ and formed his own band ‘The Jeff Beck Group’ with Rod Steward as vocalist. Signed by Columbia Records, the band released two highly acclaimed albums Truth (1968) and Beck-Ola (1969). However, following conflicts and rifts in the group, ‘The Jeff Beck Group’ disbanded in 1969.  
In the early 70s, Jeff Beck started collaboration with Cozy Powell to form a new band. Several tracks were recorded at Motown Studios but the initiative couldn’t get materialized. In 1971, Beck revived ‘Jeff Beck Group’ with a new line-up. Rough and Ready was the band’s first album released in 1971. The album featured an altogether different sound with strong characteristics of R&B, soul and jazz. The band’s second eponymic album was released in 1972 featuring a deep soul influence and covers of various American songs. Shortly after the release of the second album, ‘Jeff Beck Group’ disbanded though Beck continued to tour under band’s name until 1973 to fulfill contractual obligations. In 1973, Beck became a part of trio called ‘Beck, Bogert & Appice’ releasing their first album Beck, Bogert & Appice the same year. After touring the US and the Europe, the trio dissolved in 1974 and a compilation of their live performances was released in 1975. Throughout rest of the ‘70s, Beck continued his collaboration with different musicians and bands – notably with Upp, Jan Hammer and Mahavishnu Orchestra. During this period, he also released Blow by Blow (1975), Wired (1976), and There and Black (1980). Blow By Blow was highly successful and firmly established Beck as a jazz-rock virtuoso.
The 80s began with Beck making historic appearances with Eric Clapton at The Secret Policeman's Other Ball concerts. He also collaborated with Clapton on Cause We've Ended As Lovers, Further On Up The Road, and Crossroads. Beck released Flash in 1995 which featured many vocalists including his ‘The Jeff Beck Group’ band-mate Rod Stewart. Beck came back with another instrumental album Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop in 1989 featuring pick free playing style of Jeff. He released two more instrumental albums Frankie's House (1992) and Crazy Legs (1993) and collaborated with Roger Waters in his 1992 album Amused to Death, and The Red Shoes (1993) by Kate Bush. In 1999, he released his first guitar-based electronica album Who Else!. In 2000s, Beck collaborated with Kelly Clarkson, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Morrissey, Herbie Hancock and Seal among others. Beck released Emotion & Commotion in 2010 featuring covers as well as original songs.
Much of Jeff Beck’s discography features instrumental music with a focus on creativity and innovation. Beck is famous for his diverse musical ventures – his repertoire ranges from jazz fusion to blues rock, heavy metal to electronica, guitar rock to soul and R&B.  His musical ventures has garnered high critical acclaim with Rolling Stone ranking him 14th in the list of ‘100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time’. ranked Beck fourth on its list of ‘Greatest Rock Guitarists of All time’. Two-time inductee of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Beck has also won six Grammy Awards for Best Rock Instrumental Performance.
It is always a pleasure to listen to a guitarist as legendary as Jeff Beck.  Witnessing him live turns this pleasure into an experience of a lifetime. So get your Jeff Beck tickets and treat yourself with the musical legacy of this great guitarist.

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