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One of the most prominent faces in the world of music today has hit the road once again for another special tour. Clint Mansell is an epic performer who has solidified his status among the best in the business both as member of “Pop Will Eat Itself” and a solo artist. He is now on tour so grab your Clint Mansell tickets and watch him perform live. Clint Mansell hails from England. He had always been fascinated by music and that is what landed him a place in the music world. Mansell started his music career in the year 1981 with his own band “From Eden” with the likes of Chris Fradgley, Miles Hunt, Adam Mole and Malcolm Treece. Hunt and Treece soon went their way. Graham Crabb then joined the ranks to take Hunt’s place but the group soon broke up. Mansell, Crabb and Mole brought Richard March onboard and became “Wild and Wandering.” The name of the group was changed to “Pop Will Eat Itself” in the year 1986. They made their debut not with an album but with a song titled “Poppies Say Grrr!” The song turned out to be a bit hit and that thrust the group under the limelight immediately. With Clint Mansell doing the vocals the band hit the road for a tour of Europe that was to last six weeks.

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PWEI soon decided they wanted to become a hip hop, rock and dance oriented band. That is exactly what was one their minds when they went to work on their first album titled “Box Frenzy.” The album was successful. Their talents were soon noticed by RCA who offered them the record deal the group had always been looking for. Their next album “This Is the Day…This is the Hour…This is This!” came out in the year 1989 and was another huge hit. That was followed up by “Cure for Sanity” which also went on to get a lot of acclaim from every corner. They made it three straight hits by releasing “The Looks or the Lifestyle?” in 1992. Their contract with RCA was brought to a close but that did not deter PWEI and they made another big splash with their song “Get the Girl! Kill the Baddies!”. “Dos Dedos Mis Amigos” hit the music stores in the year 1994 and became the group’s biggest hit to date. PWEI split up in 1996 and Clint Mansell went solo. He met Darren Aronofsky who then opened Mansell’s to the world of composing film scores. He proved his mettle by providing the score for “Requiem for a Dream” which was an Aronofsky film. Mansell’s efforts were applauded by one and all.
The success didn’t end there for Clint Mansell and he then went on to provide scores for movies like “The Hole,” and “The Wrestler.”His work on “The Fountain” brought his way a Global Globe award nomination as well to put him among the most sought after and the most versatile names in the music world. Mansell’s journey in Hollywood hasn’t restricted him to making scores for movies. His music has also been used behind trailers of various flicks.  His composition “Lux Æterna” was used in the trailer of “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.” The track was modified to cater to the movie and was titled “Requiem for a Tower.” The song has since gone on to become immensely popular that has captivated the hearts and minds of a lot of music fans. The version has also been used in various advertisements and promotions.
Clint Mansell has proved that he has talent in abundance and that shows in the kind of music he comes up with. From leading a pioneering band all the way to composing scores for some Hollywood flicks, this versatile artist has been there and done it all. Now that he is on tour this is your chance to book discounted Clint Mansell tickets to watch him live.

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