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Christmas Rocks tickets bring to you a concert by the well renowned Grammy Award winner star who together with his band promises a time of entertaining music. Brian Setzer, over the years has given smash hits and initiated two revivals, rockabilly with his band Stray Cats and then swing with The Brian Setzer Orchestra. With his music, Setzer has made a niche for himself as a versatile singer recognized for his exceptional guitar work and impressive vocals. Throughout his career, the international star has given several chart topping singles. Christmas Rocks will feature such songs, his holiday classics and bring to you new ones as the musician launches his Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas Rocks! Extravaganza.

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About Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas Rocks

The talented singer from an early age studied music and learned to play baritone horn in school. Brian Setzer continued to polish his music and started his music career with the band named Stray Cats that he founded in the 80s. The trio that made Stray Cats moved to London as they believed it provided a better opportunity for the band to get attention and that is from where the inspiration for the band’s name comes. Together with his rockabilly band, the singer gave several successful hit tracks in UK and also gained attention in America for the album titled Built for Speed. The band however did not stay together for long and in mid 80s they broke up. Later, the band reunited for a while for concerts and album recordings. When Stray Cats broke up, it provided Setzer the opportunity to venture into mainstream rock music as a solo artist for a brief period of time.
It was in the 90s that Setzer formed the swing revival band named Brian Setzer Orchestra with several players. The 17-piece ensemble made its beginnings by playing in clubs and performing concerts till they were signed to Hollywood Records. It did not take them long to gain attention. The band released several studio albums, Christmas albums and live releases. The Dirty Boogie went to be among top 10 on the US album charts. It featured the popular cover hit, Jump, Jive an' Wail and became a platinum album. Over the time, Brian with his orchestra band changed labels and players but one thing that did not change was the exceptional sound the band came to be recognized for. Brian Setzer has the honor of receiving the Orville H. Gibson Lifetime Achievement Award that he received at the Gibson Awards in 1999. Along with being the winner of three Grammys, he has also earned several Grammy nominations for his remarkable work.
Brian is regarded as a unique singer that continues to evolve with his varying music styles. Where many musicians would not dare to go, Setzer confident of his music abilities and with a vision to push music boundaries for growth has managed to venture in the unknown zone. Experimenting varying styles successfully he has earned respect for his music endeavors among the music circles. His music career has seen innovative shifts and each change seems to have enhanced him as a musician. Brian has managed to deliver to his fans that have come to expect great music from him.  As a solo artist and as part of both the bands Brian formed, he has never failed to amaze his fans.
The artist has achieved widespread popularity for his Christmas albums that feature spirited rock, blue and swing melodic numbers. The holiday season albums have been hugely successful. Among the popular holiday albums are Boogie Woogie Christmas, Dig That Crazy Christmas and Christmas Rocks! The Best of Collection. The band is all set to launch its upcoming Christmas album and is busy touring for it. Christmas Rock! Concert promises to be a big event attracting fans who want to see him perform live to his new and popular numbers. His intense performances always draw crowd wherever he performs. Cheap Christmas Rock tickets are quickly taken as soon as the fans learn about the performances. Therefore to be part of the event make sure you secure your tickets in time.

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