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Bob Seger is one of the greatest artists this world has seen, an American rockstar who has enchanted millions with his breathtaking music. He is renowned for his solo career and for his work with some of the best known rock bands in the world; foremost of them being The Eagles. This mind blowing American artist hails from Dearborn within the US state of Michigan and is a singer, a songwriter and a musician. He plays the piano and the guitar with his music labeled mostly as rock as well as roots rock, heartland rock, piano rock and even country. This breathtaking master of music has been active in the world of music since his debut in 1961. Today, he is one of the Best Selling Artists of All Time and a world famous singer. When it comes to bands and artists, he has been involves with some of the best known acts in music; Glenn Frey, Frankie Miller, The Eagles, Shaun Murphy, Little Feat, Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section and Kid Rock to name but a few. This, therefore, is an American legend you need to see and hear live by making use of these marvelous Bob Seger Tickets.

About Bob Seger

This rock and roll artist, a singer, a songwriter, a pianist and a guitarist rose to fame back in the sixties. He became a successful local artist in the city of Detroit and performed as well as released music under the names Bob Seger System and Bob Seger and the Last Heard in the sixties. In the seventies, he began widening his net all over the US and started releasing music as Bob Seger, soon becoming nationally famous. He also founded yet another awesome band, The Silver Bullet Band, made up of some of the best musician in the city of Detroit. This band was also famous and released some amazing hit songs. However, Bob Seger’s breakthrough album came out in 1976, an album titled as Night Moves which earned him fame all over the US.
Bob Seger became a household name through his signature raspy, classical and shouting vocals on top of his unique roots rocker style. He wrote his own songs which usually featured themes dealing with issues facing blue collar worker; these included some of his best known songs such as Night Moves, We've Got Tonight, Turn the Page, Like a Rock and Against the Wind. Bob Seger is was also responsible for co-writing the amazing hit song, Heartache Tonight, a Number One song by the Eagles. Yet another one of his legendary songs, Old Time Rock and Roll, became so famous and popular that it was ranked as one of the Songs of the Century, an honor only a handful of artists received.
Today, Bob Seger is also one of the longest active artists as well as one of the greatest America has ever seen. It therefore is no surprise that Bob Seger has been inducted into the fabulous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the highest honor an artist can receive and proof that Bob Seger is not just any artist but a living and walking legend. Bob Seger’s love for music began at a very young age; his father was an instrumentalist who player a number of instruments, something which influenced Bob Seger a lot. During his early years, Bob Seger was particularly inspired and influenced by artists such as Elvis Presely and Little Richard; one of the very first records that Bob Seger bought was the track, Come Go With Me by The Del Vikings. He formed his first band, the Decibels, with fellow schoolmates and began performing live in Detroit.
Bob Seger’s first successful record was the single, East Side Story. This single sold a whooping fifty thousand copies in the city of Detroit only and resulted in Bob Seger receiving a record with a record label. His next big hit came when he formed Bob Seger System and was signed onto Capitol Records; he released hit singles such as 2 + 2=? And Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man, songs that ranked Number One all over the US.
Bob Seger’s latest album is Early Seger Vol. 1 as well as collaborating with Kid Rock on the album, Born Free. In 2011, May 28th was proclaimed as the Bob Seger Day by the governor of the Michigan state, yet another massive honor. In short, to catch this legendary and icon inductee of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, make use of this incredible cheap Bob Seger Tickets.

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