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Two bands from the 70s are coming together to put on a funky, rock and roll infused show that is going to revive the spirit of old school rock. This is the Blondie and Devo concert that will bring together two of the most underrated bands of their times. Even though they are living legends today, it is a wonder how they were only considered underground acts when they began their careers. Still, they are some of the most experienced musicians alive today who set the trend for being different and not being afraid of bringing something new to the table. Get your Blondie and Devo tickets soon if you do not want to miss out on their incredible show.

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About Blondie Devo

Blondie is a rock band based in New York City, USA. The group was originally put together by the lead singer, Deborah Harry and Chris Stein, the main guitarist. The band first started recording and performing in the middle of the 1970s decade and are considered being amongst the pioneers of their genre. They played mainly in the American style New Wave tones and in the rock and punk style. These two stand out elements were prominent amongst their early work—their debut and sophomore record in particular. In the beginning, the US market did not get them right away.
Their genre was much more appreciated in Australia and in the United Kingdom. These were the only places where their albums got a decent amount of sale and their singles, radio airplay. In the United States, they were still considered as the underground band that was trying to break into the mainstream. As time went on, their native country began to catch on to the new trend that they had set in the industry. By their third album, which was entitled “Parallel Lines” and was released in 1978 did they gain any sort of legitimate recognition. From then on, Blondie met a lot of success and scored a number of hits. Their song “Call Me” became a radio favorite, and this was followed by “Heart of Glass” and “Atomic”. To their New Wave style, they had started to incorporate many other different elements of pop, reggae, disco and rap. But the New York New Wave style was still the binding factor of all the different rudiments.
Unfortunately, by the early 1980s, the band decided to call it quits and go on their separate paths. They have released their sixth album by this time, which was called “The Hunter” and any proper promotion was lost in the face of the dissolution. Still, many considered Deborah Harry as the face of Blondie, and for this reason, continued to follow her well into her solo career. Even though her solo stint seemed to be more of a hit or miss, with her history with the band and her contribution to music, she did become an icon figure in the industry.
The band reformed by the late 1990s and received success. In 2006, they became inductees of the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”. They have remained together ever since, still performing live, still announcing tours, and still creating new music. The Blondie and Devo show is going to be primarily a celebration of New Wave music. Thus, it is only fitting that the other originators of the genre become part of the concert series. Devo also began in 1972 when it was formed by leading members, Bob Mothersbaughs and Kent Mothersbaughs. They were two brothers who decided to put together a talented set of people who were willing to try something new. They were joined by the Casales brothers and John Fresse in their endeavors. Throughout their career, the band has experimented with a lot of different genres including punk and soft rock, but, like Blondie, New Wave has always been the underlying sound. Their famous song that has achieved this sound is “Whip It”, which was cult favorite and still remains to this date. This song came in the early years of MTV and was thus played on the channel all the time.
Devo will also take on the stage once more after spending the last year working on their original Broadway musical. They will spend this year resuming their status as the consummate performers. Their management has also decided to sell cheap Blondie and Devo tickets so none of their fans can miss out on the experience.

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