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Blink 182 is coming very soon to your city. So get ready to experience an evening that is going to be filled with great pop punk music. They are the national superstars who have proven that they are the preeminent pop punk rockers of the country.

About Blink 182 Tickets

Blink 182 is an American pop punk band which was formed in Poway in California in the year 1992. It consists of Mark Hoppus who is a vocalist along with being a bass guitarist, Tom Delonge who is also guitarist and a vocalist and Travis Barker as the drummer. Previously Scott Rynor was their drummer. Both Mark Hoppus and Tom Delonge were introduced by Mark’s sister as she knew that both of them desired to form a band. The two of them used to ply for many hours in Tom Delonge’s garage and showed each other the songs that they had written previously and also wrote new songs together. Soon both of them decided that they needed to form a band officially. Tom Delounge brought along another of his friend, Scott Rynor. All three of them began to play together and named their band ‘Duck Tape’, until Tom Delonge thought of giving the band the name ‘Blink 182’.
Blink 182 recorded their demo tape in the month of May in 1993. It was called ‘Flyswatter’. It had poor sound quality and only a few of the demos were released, mostly to their family and friends. In the same year, Blink 182 went on to record another demo tape. It was untitled and was simply called ‘Demo #2’.  The demo included new songs as well as some of the songs were re-recorded from the previous demo, Flyswatter. Some tracks were even used later on in their debut album ‘Buddha’ and others, such as ‘Cheshire Cat’ and ‘Dude Ranch’.
Blink 182’s third and last demo was called ‘Buddha’ which was recorded in the year 1993 in just three nights in San Diego in California at the Double Time Studios. This demo was released on cassettes in the year 1993 with as many as 1000 copies of it, produced by Filter Records which was an independent record company  headed by Mark Hoppus’s boss. 
In the earlier days Blink 182 did gigs and lived in a van. Their first target was to headline SOMA, which was an all ages-club in San Diego which could hold on around, 1,500 people. The band made their way up after playing at several smaller clubs in the Southern California. They even played at high school assemblies and lunches by promoting themselves as a band that was motivational and carried a strong anti-drug message. Blink 182 became infamous and was able to gain notoriety for their funny stage shows and was finally signed to a label called Cargo Music. With this label, Blink 182 was able to release their first ever full-length album called ‘Cheshire Cat’ in the year 1994 in February.
The album was recorded by the band in only three days and had new songs as well as songs which were re-recorded from their earlier demos. Blink 182 then gained fame throughout the years 1995 and 1996, even outside of California. This album of theirs was not a commercial success but it still is referred to as an iconic album by both the fans and all the other bands. Blink 182’s follow-up album ‘Dude Ranch’, released in the year 1997 was able to sell as many as 1 million copies and even above. They went on to achieve even greater success with their album ‘Enema of the State’, which went multi-platinum in the year 1999 and was able to reach the 9th spot on the Billboard 200, especially because of its singles All the Small Things and What’s My Age Again. Blink 182’s another album, ‘Take Off Your Pants’ released in the year 2001 and became instantly popular, reaching the number 1 spot in America as well as other countries, such as Germany and Canada. Blink 182 has been able to sell over 27 million albums world over since their inception in the year 1992.

Blink 182 toured throughout the year 1998. Now the band is scheduled to headline the Honda Civic Tour from the month of August till October. Blink 182 Tickets are now available on our site so go grab yours as soon as possible.

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