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Ventriloquists have been a popular form of entertainment for quite some time, yet there has always been a dearth of them on film and television. That changed when Jeff Dunham rose to prominence over thirty years ago. The incredibly talented Dunham singlehandedly brought ventriloquism back into the limelight and revived the industry for years to come.

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All you do is tell jokes…

Dunham was born in 1962 and became interested in ventriloquism when he was eight years old. He was given a dummy and a how to use kit as a present and the young comic became instantly infatuated with his new gift.

After years of practice he started to perform in various talent shows, as well as small time venues around his hometown and soon caught the attention of audiences all around the country. By the time he was in college, he had already started to perform for established comedians like Bob Hope and George Burns.   

And make people laugh

Coming up in the entertainment world, Dunham’s biggest dream was to perform on the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, and his dream finally came true in 1990. It was his first performance on television and opened up quite a few opportunities for him. He started to appear in several small time television roles, before doing his own special, “Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself” in 2006.

Now he is once again heading back to the stage and you can be part of his show this time. Just get your Jeff Dunham York tickets and enjoy the performance live from the stands.