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Larry Miller is one of Hollywood’s most subtle performers. When first mentioned, you might not recognize the name but on seeing his picture you will certainly recall his stellar performances in a number of Hollywood movies and TV shows. He is a regular guest on popular shows like The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Late Show with David Letterman. Among some of the most prominent Hollywood productions to have Larry in the cast were Pretty Woman, The Nutty Professor I & II, The Princess Diaries 1 &2, Carry on Columbus and many more. Larry Miller has also had a very successful TV career. Over the years he has appeared in highly successful shows like Law & Order, NCIS, 8 Simple Rules Of Dating My Teenage Daughter.

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Apart from this he has also written successful TV shows as well among which are Uncommon Sense, Just Words and Pros & Cons. At the moment Larry is engaged in a weekly podcast on the ACE Broadcasting Network called This Week with Larry Miller. He also contributes a humorous column in The Huffington Post and The Weekly Standard. Larry has also authored the best-selling book “Spoiled Rotten America.”  Unfortunately in April 2012, Larry was involved in an accident which resulted in a head injury and since then Larry had been recuperating. However, now Larry Miller is back and it seems that this time it’s going to be with a bang! Cheap Cocktails with Larry Miller tickets are readily available online and are expected to sell out fast this season!
Larry Miller is a comedian of class. Born on October 15th 1953 and married to TV writer and producer, Eileen Conn, Larry is close friends with Jerry Seinfeld. According to Jerry “Larry Miller is, was and always will be the funniest guy I know” and this is not because the two are best friends. One must never forget that Larry Miller and Jerry Seinfeld are professional competitors as well. Not to mention Jay Leno, another professional competitor of Larry, saying this about him “ …a raconteur and storyteller of the first order”. Getting such compliments from your competitors is certainly something to gloat about.
Now Larry Miller is taking on a whole new look at comedy and entertainment by putting on this highly anticipated one-man show, Cocktails with Larry Miller. Unfortunately a few of the initial shows of the season were cancelled due to Larry’s accident, but ticket holders were appropriately reimbursed and since then shows have been going on smoothly and on schedule. All you die-hard fans can now book your Cocktails with Larry Miller tickets online without much hassle.
During a publicity event about the show Larry himself describes it as “The show is actually about real life, and the word cocktail becomes a metaphor for everything that happens in life. It’s not really about drinking too much, but about saying a little of this and a little of that ... everything I have had a chance to do and observe in life. It’s not topical in the sense you won’t find me talking about the presidential race, that’s not my style of comedy”. The format of the show is two parts comedy and one part theater. Larry also entertains the audience with his musical talents by getting up and playing the piano every now and then. Larry Miller is extremely excited about putting on these shows and performing live across the US and Canada. Secure your share of cheap Cocktails with Larry Miller tickets now and have a hilarious evening with Larry.

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