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The stand up comedian who rocked the famous Def Comedy Jam for years is coming to one of the largest metropolis of the south. All the way from Atlanta, Georgia, we present to you Chris Tucker in Dallas.

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From his humorous slapstick and extremely spontaneous jokes on stage to his fickle role of DetectiveJames Carter in the Rush Hour Trilogy, Chris is truly the pioneer of modern comedian acts and he keeps getting better!Chris has had huge success in Hollywood with movies like Friday, The Fifth Element, Money Talks and of course the Rush Hour Trilogy. From his body language to his sudden change in tone, Chris is a performance all round. He also features alongside King of Pop, the late Michael Jackson, in the video of You Rock My World where he challenges Michael on trying to gain a woman's attention and, eventually, her affection. Chris has been acclaimed as one of the most original comedians, with a huge fan base that is always entertained to the limits till their sides hurt whenever he’s on stage. Purchase the Chris Tucker Dallas Tickets now and have a laugh with the guru of comedians.