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Trans siberian Orchestra Toledo Tickets

Listening to your favorite artist in a live show can be a surreal and an unforgettable experience, one that has started to disappear from this new age of music. However one man and a group of talented musicians teamed up to bring that feeling and that passion associated with rock music back under the spotlight. The result was the Trans Siberian Orchestra (TSO).

About Trans siberian Orchestra Toledo Tickets


Music producer Paul O’Neill came up with an idea, in the mid nineties, to create a music band that would combine the old school rock n roll ballads with opera shows. His vision revolved around an epic live show that would merge the psychedelic performances of classical rock bands with the larger than life operas of old. He started TSO in 1996 and they released their first album, a rock opera called the ‘Christmas Eve and Other Stories’ later that year. This album was followed up by the 1998 release of ‘The Christmas Attic’ which became another widely popular collection of songs from TSO.


What sets TSO apart from all other artists of this era are their extraordinary live shows. The effort they put in planning and organizing these concerts is phenomenal. Their use of lights, L.E.D projectors, smoke machines and fireworks is unprecedented in today’s music culture.


Only when you personally experience a TSO show can you understand their brilliance. So grab your Trans Siberian Orchestra Toledo tickets and get ready to be a part of a concert that will simply blow you away.