Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra My Knight In Shining Armor Tickets

Prepare to be blown away as the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra presents My Knight in Shining Armor in an upcoming event. Those interested need to buy cheap Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra My Knight in Shining Armor tickets without any further delay. The Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra is one of the oldest orchestras present, not only in America but throughout the world, dating back to 1883. Even though the official company was established in 1931, its founders started working together informally ever since 1883. After the company was established, it was first named the Duluth Civic Orchestra which remained with the orchestra till 1975 after which the official name was changed to the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra initially started working at the carriage house of the respected music teacher, Alphin Flaaten, after which it presented its debut show at the Civic Orchestra under the musical leadership of Walter Lange.

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About Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra My Knight In Shining Armor

After a few regular shows the orchestra started gaining popularity locally, and the iconic pianist, Paul Lemay accepted the offer of becoming the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra’s conductor. Prior to joining this orchestral organization, Lemay was working with the Minneapolis Symphony as the assistant conductor and the principal pianist. He organized his debut concert with the orchestra soon after he joined in 1932. A majority of the concerts initially presented by the symphony were held at the Duluth Armory till the year 1965, after which the orchestra relocated to the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center. This year, the orchestra is celebrating its 77th anniversary by bringing to the audiences the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra My Knight in Shining Armor show that will feature some of the best soloists showcasing their true talent. So make your way to this upcoming event, simply by getting your hands on Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra My Knight in Shining Armor tickets as soon as possible.

With the mission of enlightening the community when it comes to symphonic music and developing their interest in this genre of classical music, this musical concerto will be conducted by Markand Thakar, who will be commencing his tenth season with the orchestra. Apart from working with the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra, Thakar also provides his musical expertise to the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra and is also Duluth Festival Opera’s principal conductor. Thakar has also been seen performing with the New York Philharmonic, the Florida West Coast Symphony Orchestra, the Boston Pro Arte, the Long Island Philharmonics, Cleveland Chamber Orchestra and the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. Working with these orchestras, Thakar has conducted all over America, in places such as Edmonton, Richmond, Illinois, Florida, Flint, Kalamazoo, Annapolis, Maryland, Charlotte, Waterbury, Alabama, growing to become a respected conductor due to the creativity that he brings to stage. His musical conductions are said to involve the most advanced thematic programming, seen nowhere else. Thakar has also released three albums under the Naxos Label Company that include concertos by some of the greatest maestros such as Jonathan Leshnoff, Hoffmeister, Stamitz and Pleyel.
In the upcoming My Knight in Shining Armor performance, Thakar will be seen co-conducting with Erin Aldridge. Aldridge is a popular soloist who has been performing with various symphonic orchestras such as the Lake Superior Chamber Orchestra, the Itasca Symphony Orchestra and the Long Prairie Chamber Orchestra. Receiving a post graduate level degree in violin from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Aldridge has been invited to perform by uncountable institutions such as the Arizona State University, the Indiana University Summer Music Festival, DePaul University Contemporary Concert Series, the Ashland Chamber Music Series and the Madeline Island Music Camp.
Together these two will conduct the orchestra that consists of fourteen first violinists, twelve second violinists, ten viola players and cellos players, three flutists, four oboes players, three clarinet artists, three bassoons musicians, four artists playing the French horns and numerous other musicians. Witness an upcoming show by this great ensemble by buying Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra My Knight in Shining Armor tickets immediately.

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