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Known to his fan as the “Waltz King”, Andre Rieu is a wonder when it comes to playing violin. The Dutch violinist melts the hearts of his fans while stroking the strings of Stradivarius, his valuable violin. Filling the venues with over 50,000 fans, Rieu has sold around 12 million records so far. Favorite among women, for his sweet and romantic violin strokes, Andre is followed by thousands of fans on his tours where he is showered with gifts and appreciation letters. The artist who has a life like a king owns his own castle, a small tower in Netherlands. The castle that makes his home is 3 acres, 25 room’s tower and from the 15th century.

About Andre Rieu Tickets

Coming from a family of musicians, Andre Rieu is the son of a conductor and hence from childhood had a keen interest in music. He started his violin training at the age of five and it was later during his study of becoming a professional violinist that he played the waltz for the first time. Looking at the enthusiasm of the audiences, Rieu realized his potential in playing waltz and started laying more focus on it. With his charismatic stage presence, exhilarating performances and extremely melodic music, Andre Rieu has won a huge fan following around the world. His TV performances aired on the PBS network in America have also earned him millions of fans in the country who are also on the look out for his classical music CDs. The Dutchman also takes the credit of making the age old art form look much livelier rather than following suite of many others who perform it in all seriousness. Where others like him go by the rules of classical music like not clapping in the wrong place or making noise, Rieu takes pleasure in breaking the tradition and making his performances much more fun which according to him is a way of keeping the art alive.

Encouraging his fans to cheer out loud, scream with joy and clap and jump is what makes Andre stand out amongst the rest. His distinctive style of music and performance has proved that artistic music does not necessarily have to be difficult and unpleasant rather a classic to be appreciated in this age has to be up beat. The 58 year old also owns an orchestra, Johann Strauss Orchestra that began in 1987 with only 12 members but now performs with over 50 musicians. When Rieu toured Europe with his orchestra for the first time there was seen a renewed fondness for waltz. The revival of waltz music that began in Netherlands later got to such a huge level that Andre Rieu became popular as the King of Waltz.  Since then Andre and his orchestra has performed world wide in Europe, Japan and North America. Winning countless awards all over the world, Johann Strauss Orchestra, the twice World Music Award winner has also won as many as eight Platinum certifications in Netherlands. The orchestra is known for playing lively classical, theatrical and folk music. Some of the performances by the orchestra have also been aired in the US and UK like the 2003 Andre Rieu Live in Dublin that was aired on PBS network. The famous Dutch violinist has also appeared in the 2009 Australian soap, Ramsay Street, in which he played himself.

In all, Andre Rieu is a super talented musician who has gifted fingers that play some of the best sounding violin strokes. The musician with an ability to speak German, English, Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian has an added benefit of getting one to one with his fans all over the world. Adding to the list of his achievement the year 2002 witnessed him winning the title of a Knight for the Order of the Netherlands Lion. Later in 2009 he also won a medal in Netherlands, the Province of Limburg, an honorary medal given for outstanding achievements. Rieu also won a Knight title by France the same year in 2009 for Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, established by the French cultural ministry.    Catch the charismatic Andre Rieu, who is to tour soon and get swept away with his sweet melodies. Find and buy Andre Rieu ticketsand experience the classical music with a new touch of life.

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