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Alarm Will Sound is for orchestra lovers who want to hear some exquisite pieces and ever green classics that have a life forever. This orchestra has given some lovely tributes to great music names and their performance leaves a lasting impression on your minds. They mostly play contemporary music and you will get to hear a vast variety of music from American and British music works, so get ready and get going so that you enjoy the lovely tones that this orchestra group will be presenting to you. So get ready and make sure you buy your Alarm Will Sound tickets as soon as you can.

About Alarm Will Sound

Formed in 2001, Alarm Will Sound is a 20-member chamber orchestra that has mainly performed and recorded forms of contemporary music. They have given performances on American and European works like the arch-modernist as well pop influenced. The orchestra has premiered pieces by big names such as John Adams, Steven Reich, Anthony Gatto, David Lang, Michael Gordon, Aaron Jay Kernis and Wolfgang Rihm amongst many others.  All these composers have produced unique compositions and keeping the style of the orchestra, the output comes out to be simply amazing.
The orchestra got a good start from the very beginning. At Dickinson College, they performed as musical artists from 2004 to 2007. In 2006, they were recognized by American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) when it received its Concert Music Award. Their music got recognized as full of passion, virtuosity and commitment. They were termed as champions of repertoire in the 21st century and therefore were loved for the work they produced. The efforts and accomplishments of this orchestra can be seen very clearly on the American music scene and they have climbed up the success ladder very fast indeed.
In 2005, Alarm Will Sound’s album Acoustica was released by Cantaloupe Music. The acoustic type of music was given by Aphex Twin and the first two recordings of the album were given by Steve Reich.  2009 saw the release of the album Arythmica which is a diverse mix of rhythmically complex music by Michael Gordon, György Ligeti, Benedict Mason, Autechre, Mochipet, Johannes Ciconia and Josquin des Prez amongst others. In 2010, they developed The Getty Address in a new outlook in collaboration with Dirty Projectors and presented it at different centres.
This music ensemble has a diverse experience in playing complex melodies and develops their work meticulously. They have produced dynamic compositions, improvisation, popular styles, jazz, early music and world music. Their work is innovative and their style is different. Most notably, the music produced by Steve Reich has been worked upon by the group very finely and they have recently given some commendable performances on that. Since their inception, Reich’s music has been the benchmark for the group’s performance as it he has given some tremendous pieces to perform upon.  In 2011, the performance of 1969 at the Carnegie Hall was a huge multimedia event performed by these ultimate performers who really stunned every one. “They exploded musical genres, made history come alive and demonstrated that art—original, vivid, reckless—can lift the grim clouds of current events, if only for two hours.” said the LA Times.
According to the New York Times the group has been termed as “one of the vital and most original ensembles on the American music scene.” That makes their performance highly admirable and indeed one of the memorable live events presented by any ensemble. The lovers of classic music really get impressed as they give the music a good contemporary outlook which actually makes the event a delight to watch. They are actually the future of classical music who have established a reputation for performing demanding music.
 A perfect entertainment for those who relish compositions and instrumentals, this show will bring lots of surprises for you. So get all set to watch an ultimate show that is much more than just a show as this ensemble lets you hear all genres, be it electronic or acoustic, conventionally classic or multimedia oriented or simply pop-influenced. Hurry up and book your cheap Alarms Will Sound tickets to enjoy one of the most delightful evenings ever.