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This story might be the ideal fairy tale in the musical world for aspiring young musicians. From singing at local bars to talk shows, they made it to the big stage; scoring a Grammy award to add to their achievements. As a result Phoenix tickets have started selling in great demand. Their rousing story has even been documented under the fitting title ‘From a mess to the masses’ A group of three boys started as a garage band, holding regular jamming session, on the outskirts of Paris. The band comprised of a vocalist Thomas Mars, guitarist Christian Mazzalai and a bassist Deck D’ Arcy. When the elder brother of the guitarist, Laurent Brancowitsz also joined the band as a second guitarist in 1995, they knew their musical inventory was complete.

About Phoenix

They initially sang covers at French bars to largely drunken audiences. After two years they decided to release a single with 500 copies and took on the name ‘Phoenix’. They released a couple of singles, after which they went on to release their album ‘United’ and after a gap of four years came out with another album titled, ‘Alphabetical’ in 2004. The album’s songs were well received. The songs continued to grow in popularity and were featured in a couple of movies. A special mix of their song was selected by ‘Dior Homme’, the renowned French retailer, as a background song for one of his runway show. Phoenix then toured three continents gathering a fan base and support from outside their hometown. However their mainstream success came with the release of their album ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix’. This album reflects the youthfulness and the experimental nature of the band. Even the name has been derived from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s name, the influential composer of the classical era, replacing his last name with the bands own name. Thomas Mars commented on the album title, "The album title is almost like a childish thing, like you’re unleashing a child into the museum and he draws a mustache on the Mona Lisa or something.

Their album gave them the much needed push to popularity; Phoenix was invited to play on a number of talk shows such as the “Saturday Night Live”, “The Tonight Show with Conan O’ Brien” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” They also featured in many prominent musical festivals and ‘Daft Punk’ made a guest appearance during their show at the Madison Square garden. In 2009, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix was accredited with the Grammy award for Best Alternative Music Album. Their most widely acclaimed song from the album ‘1901’ went on to hit number one on the ‘Billboard Hot Alternative Songs chart’ while their album reached the US Billboard top 200 with the 37th position. After their successful album, Phoenix started working on their next album ‘Bankrupt’. They started this album with an aim to create something different from their past albums, something much more experimental. Their promotional campaign for the album included different CCTV stills of their studio recordings, which were posted on their website.

Mars spoke about the motivation for their fifth album after its release. "At that time, we started talking about success and not music. I guess it was time to protect ourselves and focus on music again." It refers to the success and the huge media attention that they got after winning the Grammy for Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Phoenix has been known to put up amazing performances full of energy and vigor. They sure know how to enthrall their audience.  The crowds go wild when Mars goes in the crowd and mixes with them to their utter delight. Be sure to get your hands on the cheap phoenix tickets available, and witness their concerts live. Mars aptly sums up their work, "I guess we’re perfectionists in the way that when we make an album, we know it’s going to last. It’s important that it’s exactly how we want it to be. But when the record is done, it’s all about imperfection. It’s all about playing live.

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