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The English rock band of eighties, New Order was formed following the breakup of another band by the name of Joy Division. Joy Division saw its demise following the tragic suicide of Ian Curtis. Hence the remainder of the band (which comprised of Stephen Morris, Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook) formed up the band New Order. These three were further joined in by Gillian Gilbert. Over their years of play, the group broke up and got back a number of times. As soon as the tensions between the band members started to rise, the group broke up for the first time in 1993 and they later reunited in 1998. The year 2001 saw the departure of Gilbert from the band, hence he was replaced by Phil Cunningham. Peter Hook left the band as well later in 2007, rendering the band broken up yet again. In the year 2011, the group got back together yet again this time with Gilbert back in the lineup and Tom Chapman taking Hook’s place. Apart from their time with the band, the band members have also been working on several other solo projects as well.

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Ever since 2011, the group has been performing music together and has been enjoying massive fan following. Their live performances are still widely attended, and hence if you wish to be a part of one of their upcoming performances then get your cheap New Order tickets right away.  New Order was formed back on May 18, 1980 after Ian Curtis committed suicide before the group’s first ever American tour. As agreed upon between the band members that if any of the band members leaves, the group would no longer perform under the name of Joy Division. Hence the group later started performing by the name of New Order. After Curtis’ demise, Sumner took over as the new vocalist of the band.
As the New Order, the group released its debut single titled Ceremony which was closely followed by In a Lonely Place. Both the singles were released as a part of the group’s album Movement that was released in 1981. Even after Joy Division no longer existed, New Order still kept on following the previous writing style and kept on writing dark tunes. A drastic change in the kind of music that the group made was seen when they visited United States for the first time in 1981. The group was exposed to the dance scene of the New York City for the first time and they heard the genres like post disco and electro. Following the visit, the singles they released saw a huge influence of dance music in their compositions.
Power, Corruption & Lies was their first studio album which depicted the change in direction for the kind of music the group was making. The dance-influenced singles like Confusion and Blue Monday cemented the group’s reputation in the U.K’s music industry. The group initially recorded their own music and released it on Factory Records before London Records took over the Factory Records. It  then released its album titled Republic which spawned their hit singles like Regret, World, Spooky and Ruined in a Day. Following the release, it went on its first official break. After a long period of five years, the group got back together in 1998 and started performing and recording together yet again.
The group released its first studio album, Get Ready, after their reformation. The album saw the band coming back to the guitar oriented sound once again. The group went on its second breakup in 2007 and got back together once again in 2011.
Over the years, New Order has released a total of eight studio albums, with the most recent one coming out in 2005 titled Waiting for the Sirens’ Call. Since their reunion in 2011 the group has been continually performing together, hence if you wish to catch them live this year then New Order tickets are your best bet.

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