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Mac Miller is an American Jewish hip hop artist and rapper who is just 18 years old, yet has gained immense fame and popularity over a very short time period.  As soon as he graduated from high school, this talented young musician signed a deal with Rostrum Records. The Rostrum Records is a record label company that is also in affiliation with Wiz Khalifa who is another rapper from Pittsburgh and also attended the same high school as Miller did. Cheap Mac Miller tickets has openly declared that his music style is greatly influenced by bands like Big L, A tribe Called Quest, Nas and Outkast.

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Mac Miller

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Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival: Lana Del Rey, 2 Chainz & Kid Cudi - 2 Day Pass Exposition Park Los Angeles Saturday
10/28/2017 3:00 AM

About Mac Miller

Mac Miller was born and raised in Pittsburgh in P.A. This exceptionally talented white rapper was born on the 19th of January in 1992 as Malcolm MaCormick. He attended the Winchester Thurston School; it was there where he began to rap. He was just eight years old when he started rapping. As he attended school, he rapped there too. This gave immense motivation to Miller. Later he was transferred from the Winchester Thurston School to attend Taylor Allderdice High, from where he graduated in 2010.Mac Miller was well known among his fellow peers and colleagues as Easy Mac. Before signing with a proper record label company, Miller formed up half the duo with the band by the name of "The Ill Spoken", there was another member of the band by the name of Beedie who was considered to be the emcee of Pittsburgh’s musical scene. In partnership with the band, Miller successfully released a mix tape by the name of "How High: The Mix Tape".

As time went by, Miller released his personal and very own mix tape by the name of "But My Mackin’ Ain’t Easy", while he was still attending his high school. Miller’s passion for rapping was not only during his free time in school for fun, but he took his rapping so seriously that he began recording loosely at home on his computer. All of this was when he was still in high school and he had yet to sign to a proper recording label company. Today, Miller is gaining immense popularity and fame, with the Rostrum Records and his awesome live concerts.


He has also reportedly wrote on his Twitter account as well as in several interviews that after graduating from high school, he does not take rapping as some sort of a hobby of his to kill time, but as a business that he is pursuing as a full time job. Miller believes that as a child, he was "called" to rap and today he wants to pursue his passion in a manner which shall shed light on all the current and the previous "white" rappers. His intense passion for rapping can be heard in his amazing singles that he has released with the Rostrum Records Company.

Though Mac Miller is just 18 years old and is often compared to the likes of younger stars in the music industry like Justin Bieber, yet he has stated that his decision in getting into the music industry was not for the fame game. It has been a progression of his enthusiasm to rap as a child and to entertain people around him. He truly believes as he says that he finds pleasure and a certain type of a high when audiences dance and sing along to his tunes. This truly defines him as a true professional at such a young age.

Mac Miller has formed a band of his own which includes nearly all of the members from Pittsburgh. He and his crew of band members are most notably known as the Most-Dope-Boys. The entire band has been featured in several videos out of which one of the most prominent one is The K.I.D.S in which the band and Miller have performed on the song Nikes on my Feet. On the 13th of August 2010, Miller released one of his latest mix tape by the name of Kids (Kickin’ Incredibly Dope Shit).

There is no doubt in the fact that this boy has great rapping talent. Although young and has just graduated from high school, yet he has gained a massive fan base in such a short time. Mac Miller is known to give some outstanding and absolutely brilliant live performances. This is the best time for you to grab hold of the Mac Miller tickets, to enjoy a concert that will be filled with some truly unforgettable moments.


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