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Anthony Dominick Benedetto is a famous name in the music industry that has gained immense recognition and has won hearts of many through his incomparable singing. Better recognized as Tony Bennett, the artist is not only a talented singer, but also a painter. He established the “Frank Sinatra School of the Arts” that is located in New York and created works through his creative imaginations that are displayed in different institutes all over the world. Painting was his childhood interest, which he managed to accomplish through hard work and professional training. He traveled all over the world, visiting museums and galleries, painting everyday whatever he found fascinating. As a courageous infantryman, he fought in the last days of World War II under the US Army. Later, he developed his music career and gave his first jazz hit “Because of You”, followed by “Stranger in Paradise”, “Rags to the Richer”, “Blue Velvet”, “The Shadow of Your Life” and “The Good Life”. Bennett won two Emmy Awards and seventeen Grammy Awards, including a Grammy for "Lifetime Achievement Award” and "Album of the Year Award”. The multi-award winning artist had more than hundred recordings to his credit and over fifty million records sold all over the world. The Tony Bennett Berlin event is being highly anticipated by fans. By grabbing Tony Bennett Berlin tickets, the audience can witness a breathtaking performance by the talented singer.

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Born in New York City in 1926, the gifted artist grew up in a poor family during the Depression era. As a music admirer, Tony Bennett grew up listening to jazz singers such as “Joe Venuti”, “Jack Teagarden” and “Louis Armstrong” and by the age of thirteen, he started singing in restaurants as a singing waiter. Bennett's basic training as an infantryman resulted in his hiring in the US Army. After fighting fearlessly in World War II, he arrived home and established his individual and unique style of singing and producing jazz music. The young artist was discovered in Greenwich Village by “Pearl Bailey”. Later he signed a contract with the Columbia Records in 1950 and gave many hits, gaining immense popularity amongst the audience. His song “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” was one of his earliest hits and became his signature song. This song secured nineteenth position on the Billboard 100 chart and remained on other charts for almost a year.
When Bennett was enjoying his never-ending success, some differences grew between him and his record company. The cause to this situation was that Bennett being creative, wanted to try new techniques and ways to create different music, while the company wanted him to use the same old style that had always pleased the audience. This proved to be a difficult time for Bennett and he gave in to the regular celebrity life style of drugs and other fancy practices. A time arrived when rock music started to appeal and greatly influence the younger generation, resulting in a drowning career for Bennett.
Tony Bennett made a remarkable comeback in the eighties, taking over the same success that he had once lost. He came in contact with the youth by making several appearances on television shows and programs such as “Late Night with David Letterman”, “Late Night with Conan O'Brien”, “The Simpsons”, “Muppets Tonight” and various MTV programs. The younger audience connected well with his music and greatly appreciated him because they found something refreshing and different. It was after this that Bennett recorded many albums, which achieved tremendous success and were certified gold statuses by RIAA. The albums which reached the gold statuses included the “Snowfall: The Tony Bennett Christmas Album", “Perfectly Frank”, “Steppin’ Out” and “A Wonderful World”. The albums “Duets: An American Classic” and “Duets II” reached the platinum statuses after selling over a million units. The success of Bennett's chart breaking albums proved his ability of creating good music while experimenting with different ideas.
Honored as the “NEA Jazz Master”, Tony Bennett continues to impress his loyal fans through his astonishing live performances. Bennett still manages to mesmerize the audience with new and different styles that he adds to his music. Every year thousands of cheap Tony Bennett Berlin tickets are bought by his fans, who follow Bennett's live tours in order to enjoy his pleasing lyrics and beautiful composed songs. By grabbing Tony Bennett Berlin tickets, the fans can experience the artist perform live once again for a memorable musical journey.

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