Jeff Dunham Boise Tickets

Boise, your favorite ventriloquist is about to make your evenings a little more special – Jeff Dunham is on the way to Boise! The “father” of your favorite dummies, such as Jose Jalapeno on Stick, Peanut and Walter is touring right now and will soon be in your town. If you’re looking for that special night out, now is the time to grab your Jeff Dunham Boise tickets.

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About Jeff Dunham Boise Tickets

Up-close with Achmed the Dead Terrorist

According to the latest news on Dunham coming out of Jackson, MI, the master ventriloquist is getting closer to his fans by asking the organizers to arrange for up-close track seats at the venue. This will give his fans a unique opportunity to see him a little closer and live in action. While no such seating arrangement is planned for now in Boise, you never know. So stay tuned!

Dunham – The Most Celebrated Present Day Comedian

Dunham has been all over the United States and the world. Matter of fact, he has been consistently touring since 2014 and is regularly invited on late night television shows. While Dunham’s comedic style has been described as a refined version of Don Rickles, Time magazine described his puppets as “All of them are politically incorrect, gratuitously insulting and ill tempered.”

But Jose Jalapeno on Stick, Peanut and Walter did not become famous by being “nice”. See the best of these three and Dunham in Boise by getting Jeff Dunham Boise tickets today.