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Matisyahu Maryland Heights is a special event being held in the state of Maryland that will feature renowned reggae star, Matisyahu, at his very best. He is an American artist from West Chester, Pennsylvania who has gained fame in the world of fame through his unique style of music and has been active since his debut in 2000. He is a singer, a rapper and a beatboxer. He has released music through a number of record labels including JDub and Epic SBMG Records. He has also been associated with a number of acts in the music industry including Roots Tonic, Wookiefoot, Umphrey's McGee, Infected Mushroom, Joseph Israel, Akon, Les Claypool and Fidel Nadal. For fans of good reggae music, he is one artist to catch live in Maryland through Matisyahu Maryland tickets.

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Though Matisyahu Maryland Heights’s main artist was born in West Chester, his family moved to White Plains in Westchester County, New York where he grew up and went on to study at the White Plains High School. He grew fond of the band Phish at the time, and began following it on its tour. He then went on to Bend, Oregon where he finished high school. It was here that his career in music began as a member of Soulfori, performing as MC Truth. In 2004, he was signed onto the label JDub Records and through it he released his first album titled as Shake Off the Dust…Arise. In 2005, his dreams as a fan of Phish turned into reality when he was invited to perform with the band by Trey Anastasio during its performance at the Bonnaroo 2005 music festival.
In 2006, Matisyahu released the live album Live at Stubb’s which was recorded during his live performance in Austin, Texas. Many of those who get hold of Matisyahu Maryland Heights tickets will definitely see a performance in the same vein but much more improved through the years that he has passed through. His next studio album was Youth and it was followed by a tour that saw him perform in the US, Europe, Canada and Israel where he performed alongside Sting. He then released the album No Place to Be which remixes of his previous songs and a cover of The Police hit song, Message in a Bottle.
In 2006, Matisyahu’s song King Without a Crown was released and it ranked in the top ten of the Modern Rock charts with his album, Youth, ranking first on the Billboard Digital Albums chart. He also performed at the Bonnaroo music festival as a solo artist and in 2007, he starred in the movie Unsettled which was premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival in 2007 and won the Gran Jury Prize for the Best Documentary. It was followed by a concert held in Park City, Utah. He also performed with 311 on the band’s Summer Unity Tour and acted in Call + Response, a documentary premiered in 2008. In 2009, Matisyahu Maryland Heights headlining artist’s third album was released and it was titled as Light. A live EP titled as Live at Twist & Shout was also released with the album. One of his songs, One Day, was part of the Olympic games commercial broadcast on NBC. In 2010, he supported Sublime with Rome on their US Tour and was interviewed by OC Weekly where he announced that he had begun work on his next album.
In 2010, Matisyahu released a special edition seven inch vinyl Record Store Day Black Friday and recorded a song for the Sephardic Music Festival. He is an award winning artist who has been ranked the Top Reggae Artist by Billboard magazine, the Esquire magazine’s Esky Music Award for the Most Lovable Oddball and the titled of the Most Intriguing Reggae Artist in the World. Three of his albums have ranked first on the Billboard Reggae Music chart; songs from these albums are bound to be performed live at the Matisyahu Maryland Heights show. In fact, for those who are fond of reggae music blended in with beatboxing, rap, hip hop and Matisyahu’s unique style, the first thing to do is get hold of Matisyahu Maryland Heights 2017 tickets.

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