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DRUMline Live Omaha tickets are your way to see this marching band’s live performance. DRUMline Live’s tour is based on Historically Black College and University’s (HBCU) tradition. The staged musical has everything from bold beats to entrancing rhythms and has the ability to captivate its audience’s attention with its perfect synchronization. With forty hits and many other original compositions, group performances are choreographed, colorful routines that are synchronized to drum beats and mystic rhythms. DRUMline takes in people through auditions and the involved categories are instrumentals, marching, dancing, singing and acting. The shows usually start with African-style drumming and tribal dances that create an aura of mysticism. The performers of this unique group are known to invoke energy, vigor and liveliness in the audience.

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They keep the viewers involved by asking them to sing and clap along and so, end up generating explosive energy. DRUMline Live would be carrying out its fourth tour in the US in 2012-2013 after its highly successful tours from 2008 till 2012. Don P. Roberts, the director as well as the creator stated, “We’ve taken the excitement of an HBCU football game halftime show, increased the intensity by a thousand watts and created a musical journey that will touch every emotion.” Cheap DRUMline Live tickets are now available for you to buy and attend this show full of youthful energy. While you are there, don’t forget to sing and clap along to the fantastic performance of this unique and highly trained group of entertainers.