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Skism is one of the emerging, most shining British DJs who broke into the Dubstep mainstream in 2009, and has since been gaining popularity among electronic dance music fans, establishing himself to be quite the key player in the world’s best bass music scene. The artist is known among peers as the DJ’s DJ, since his technical expertise along with the kind of energy he brings to his four deck setup, has brought him fame as the most sought after, busiest, most electrifying mixers around the circuit. He has toured across the globe many times so that word about his music and skills has spread about like fire. In the last few years, the bass music stud has collaborated with, and created remixes for some of the most recognized names from the industry such as Porter Robinson and Hadouken, Zomboy, Foreign Beggars, Excision, and Flux Pavilion. His productions have generated more than thirteen million Youtube views. Skism tickets are the main highlight of town talk among EDM freaks every time the young maestro is scheduled to perform live.

About Skism

Dubstep is all about big heavy drums, big thick basslines and subwoofer-testing tubes that create those mindboggling sounds. Many dubstep DJs try to make that sound possible, but there are very few that can actually handle it all on stage, taking the sound to its next level and then add texture-altering skills with a four-deck madness. Skism is the one seriously talented, dubstep genius who can manage exactly all that which is why he was much needed at the UKF Rampage. He is one of the most appreciated heavy dubstep producers known to own the heaviest drops around that can be heard through many of his tunes; double as well as triple dropping tunes with exclusive and classic dubplates alike. Skism can thorw the whole crowd in fire like no one can. In a time when every mainstream DJ and his sidekick drop dubstep tunes, a visionary artist like Skism is much needed to inject some extra energy into the atmosphere.

Skism is the proud co- owner of the label Never Say Die that boasts some of the biggest giants of the business such as Flux Pavilion, Foreign Beggars and Skrillex, in addition to which he has collected a swarm of artists who have set a certain pace in dubstep including the likes of Eptic, Zomboy and 501. While collaborating with other high-profile maestros, he has taken it upon himself to create tunes that incorporate the characteristic dancefloor pressure with the good old fun, by sampling T99, Henry Rollins and Outlander. Only recently, his popularity has skyrocketed further with a three-month poll that gave him high positions in Beatport dubstep chart, in which his songs like Red Heat and Like This have risen to insane sales figures. In fact the latter tune finally reached the number one spot and held the place for an entire month. The artist is soon dropping his all new Division series that includes assistance from other artists like DC Breaks and TC, among several others, and has been released in four parts over the year with each representing the division in tempo and ideas within the music, which he both plays as well as makes.

Skism has famously appeared on Gung Ho, Funkatech, Wicky Lindows, Black Butter, Mau5trap, EX7, Rottun, Owsla, and Circus. Most popular songs by him include Rave Review, Boom (Skism’s Got The Big Boomstick), Normal_Skism’s Dusted Off His Clown Suit, Get a Bit More -Skism’s future Grime Mix, Flush ft Riz Mc & Envy, Rise of Idiots on Rusko, Back Off, The Blank, Skism – Elixir, and The Blank_16Bit Rmx. The artist is known to request the 4cd-deck systems for his shows that you don’t want to miss; so just grab some cheap Skism tickets and be there with you head set well on your shoulders, so it won’t blow away with the energy-propelling music.

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