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Peter Hook has been associated with two of the most decisive acts of this chapter of musical history. Having been the founding and active member of Joy Division and New Order respectively, Peter has been powering through the decades with his signature booming basslines and serving as a rhythmic inspiration for the morphing out of dance-based new wave bands.

About Peter Hook


Born in the bustling industrial metropolis of Salford in Great Britain in 1956, Peter Hook had the stirrings of a musical rebel since his childhood. As if being instilled with the dichotomous facets of the rivalry of his namesake literary duo Peter Pan and Captain Hook, Peter Hook sought to assert his own take on the transitional music scene in the backdrop of the punk 70s. After an attendance of a Sex Pistols concert in July 1976, a fresh out-of-teens Peter formed the band Joy Division with his preteen bud Bernard Sumner, with Ian Curtis and Stephen Morris later joining in as vocalist and drummer respectively. After four short years and two albums later, Joy Division saw the end of the road with the tragic suicide of the Curtis and started its second life as New Order the same year. After several split-ups and reunions, Hook called it quits with New Order, citing strong differences in the way business was being done.

Though bursting forth with sound, Joy Division with Peter Hook was critical changeover from the anger infused punk-rock of the 70s and heralded the empathy and nuance laden post-punk sound that was characteristic of the alternative music of the 80s. Mainstream rockers such as Bono, the iconic frontman of U2 have credited the band as an essential influence, claiming that “It would be harder to find a darker place in music than Joy Division”. 2005 saw a well-deserving Joy Division being inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame. The band’s divisive legacy has even been the inspiration for two biopics, with 24 Hour Party People coming out in 2002 and Control five years later. Peter Hook and his then fellow New Order band mates received the 2005 quirkily titled but equally apt NME Award of “Godlike Geniuses” for their lifetime achievement, which the likes of Ozzy Osborne have also been honored with. The next year also saw the track "Guilt Is a Useless Emotion" from New Orders album Waiting for the Sirens' Call be nominated for a Grammy in the “Best Dance Recording” category.

As one-fourth of Joy Division, Peter Hook was key in defining the musical ‘uproarish’ sound of the band, marked by aggressive vocals and load instrument playing. The band adopted a no-nonsense approach to performing and curtailed their interaction with the crowd. As member of New Order, Peter dished out his bass drones from a custom designed Alembic Amcron Gauss system courtesy of Tractor Music. The incisive tones of Hook’s bass guitar were owed to a large part to the incorporation of the chorus pedal crafted by Electro-Harmonix. Hook’s performances with the bands Revenge and Monaco were typically pumped up to the max with the use of an Ampeg SVT.  

Throughout the past three-and-a-half decades, Peter Hook has been playing a quintessential role in defining and shaping the sound of the post-punk era of music. He has collaborated with numerous bands and artists, such as The Light, Revenge, Monaco, The Durutti Column, and injected his elemental riffs in their renditions. Hook’s contributions extend beyond musical aspects and have also transpired in managing two clubs, initially the Haçienda and then The Factory off late. So for a generous helping of some revved up basslines with some raw rock vibes to polish it off, book your Peter Hook tickets now.