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Full Flex Express is a concert tour which is conceptualized by Grammy-winning producer/DJ Skrillex and includes other artist such as Grimes, Diplo, Tokimonsta, KOAN Sound, Pretty Lights and several other electronic dance acts. All the artists will travel from one city to the next on a privately arranged passenger train, and will hold a festival like event at every stop, playing on many stages to tens of thousands of audiences. The main idea of tour has been taken from The Festival Express tour, which took place in 1970 with big rock acts such as The Band, The Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin. Skrillex also mentions an earlier train tour taken by Edward Sharp and Mumford and Sons as a source of inspiration. The idea, as he puts it, is to have fun and enjoy the ride, making those Full Flex Express tickets a real treat for music freaks.  

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About Full Flex Express

Full Flex Express will present some of the most popular electronic music acts such as Pretty Lights, which is known for crossing over several genres to form that mix of soul and vintage funk with zooming synth line and glitch hip hop beats. In addition, Grime will explore the rather recent music style that came about in East London in the beginning of the 2000s, propelling an all new sound on the hip hop, dancehall and garage front. Also present, will be dancehall maestro Diplo who has worked alongside artists such as Usher, No Doubt and Beyonce.
Skrillex’s agent Lee Anderson explains that the initial idea behind Full Flex Express was to go about traveling around the country while doing something novel and giving fans across various cities, an opportunity to experience such music. Each stop over hosts a show with fancy whistles and bells that the fans can see as they arrive, while the train itself also has a recording studio so that the artist can record songs while they are travelling together. It is also planned that the jam sessions taking place on board will be streamed or released later on DVD. The event’s management however, is strongly focusing on creating exciting events for the audience and has gathered many promoters to arrange a series of unexpected experiences.
Full Flex Express tour is directed more towards holding a fun event with an element of newness as opposed to the practicality of a perfect sound system that would guarantee a great live show. Anderson adds to this by saying that the team did not want to perform in an area with four walls, which is what a typical show is like. While the group will be travelling from East to West, the team has made efforts to find special features that are accurate historically. For example, the tour will be begun in Toronto at its renowned historic site at York, which has otherwise been available only sporadically. Moreover, the venues chosen are such that will allow the crew to unload directly from the train so the shows can be in the city such that it looks like a traveling carnival has come to town.
Firms at that are part of Full Flex Express production team include Edmonton’s Union, PK Sound and Embrace. The present crew formed in 2012 in Austin at a meeting of South By Southwest Festival, during which everyone gathered at Skrillex’s place.  Though fans will not be boarding the train, they will be able to get sufficient in-venue and online experience, which has been arranged for them and not exactly aimed at making profit. The train is said to include special features such as an observation level of three-sixty degrees on one of its cars so that artists can look about. Also included are hotel-type bedrooms, a kitchen with a round-the-clock chef and custom studio car. This is a one of a kind tour that will not only ring thrill bells for electronic music fans but for fun-loving music freaks in general. So hurry it up and get hold of Full Flex Express tickets before they are all booked.

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