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Damian Higgins or Diesel Boy is America’s most talented and refined drum and bass DJ. He is also the producer and founder of the music labels Human Imprint and the respective sub label Sub Human: Human Imprint.

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About Diesel Boy

He has been working tirelessly to produce commendable music in the Drum’n’Bass, Dubstep and Electro genres. Diesel Boy is loaded with multitude talent and musical aesthetics that has brought forwards that best possible drum programming and bass played from a multi-sub-genre set.His arrangements are not confined to any specific genre. He lends his artistic programming and composition skills to masterfully produce the most contemporary drum and bass sound. Diesel Boy and his music is enjoined upon by many fans of dance music, especially ones enthusiastic and experimental about club music tuning for the most energetic drums and powerful bass. Based in New York, Diesel Boy regularly showcases his sound on the east coast’s premium clubs Platinum, Metropol and Buzz. His regular performance has created a fever for his mixes and remixes that has generated a Diesel Boy music fever. The magnitude and warmth response encouraged him to continue experimenting with this new format into 2010.Diesel Boy became the first American drum & bass DJ to win a nomination at the Global DJ Mix Awards  in the Best Drum & Bass DJ category. The first American to make it to the UK-based Drum & Bass Arena Top 10 DJs online polls, he carved a virtual yet significant  place for himself in Europe’s DJing scene. The track Invid (2000) made him the first drum 'n' bass artist whose single made it to the top slots of the Billboard’s dance charts. Diesel Boy’s double CD set, The 6ixth Session became the highest selling D&B mix-CD internationally in the year 2000. DJ Times rated Diesel Boy at number forty five, the highest rank for an American DJ Polls. The critics in the music and media circles have provided extensive and postivite coverage for Diesel Boy’s work.Diesel Boy’s music has been enjoyed and rejoiced upon the world over. Demand for his drumming synths has taken him across the expanses of Asia, Europe, Americas and Australia. Beginning the new millennium with DC, he rocked the HFSteval that continued to the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. Back at MD he appeared at the Starscape thrice and the Virgin Mobile Festival. Here he featured his work for the provocative rock band Smashing Pumpkins and classy Police. Rhyming up for the Beastie Boys and Wu Tung Clan, Diesel Boy became a part of these festivals highlights. Milwakee saw him at Summerfest:The World's Largest Music Festival in 2008 saw him playing for pop star Alicia Keys and Rush the band amongst others. Texas and California hosted the SXSW and Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival where he outperformed and generated rave reviews from critics. Other festivals that have showcased him once are the Bonarroo and Camp Bisco 9.On the global front he has performed and collaborated with big names of pop and rock. He has performed with them on international music festival and world concert tours. The list of collaboration includes Oasis, David Bowie, Moby, Fall Out Boy, Blue Man Group, Basement Jaxx and Busta Rhymes. They have together performed at various occasions, ones worth mentioning are the Good Gathering in UK, Shambala in Canada, Korean Jisan valley Rock Festival, New Zeland’s PHAT 09  and St. Peterberg’s Pirate Station performances. The Sanctuary Drum & Bass Festival became famous for the show where Diesel Boy competed with contemporary Noisia and won the row. A long list of tours is star studded with the Stir the Senses tour that featured The Roots. His outreach to the genres of metal and rock took Diesel Boy to Orgy and Disturbed concerts. Planet of the Drums became the first in the line of conceptual touring by Diesel Boy. This series of concert tours has spanned over ten years making it the longest-running electronic dance music tour ever. The Bad Company UK (Bad Human Tour- 2006), and Hive (Human Violence Tour- 2006) was a lineup of tours that proved transient tough remarkably defined Diesel Boy’s signature for concert tours. Two years later Diesel Boy’s Monsters of Jungle Tour materialized and launched at 11th Annual Starscape Festival.This was a revolutionary tour that presented Diesel Boy’s drums and bass fusing with the metal of 80’s and other multimedia elements, visuals, graphics, tones and undertones of new, mixed and synthesized music. Diesel Boy tickets are a trip to the drum and bass paradise that brings unbounded excitement and fun generating musical beats.
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