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Bonobo or Simon Green is the famous dance music musician and producer, who has contributed greatly to the sub genres of jazz, hip hop, funk and soul. He is an artist with an impeccable understanding and aesthetics for dance music. Beginning dance music compositions at a very young age, he was an accomplished musician that self-composed and self-played his very own music at the local party and club scene since teenage.

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Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Bonobo Tonhalle Munchen München Wednesday
11/8/2017 8:00 PM
Bonobo Koln Palladium Köln Thursday
11/9/2017 8:00 PM

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About Bonobo

Maturing with time his arrangements and compositions vividly advocated the fine grip and control of a maestro. Bonobo’s expertise over instruments and their sounds was comparable to none other. He has created live dance music in his distinct style, delivering a distinct taste and feel of high energy in dance. His technique and tricks make complex music arrangements that are ruled by the latest digital age effects. The result is the most innovative, creative and artistically stylized dance music ever heard.
Bonobo’s debut release Tru Thoughts came under Luis’ label’s umbrella alongside the compilation album When Shapes Join Together featuring the hit Terrapin. In 2000 Animal Magic came out as a solo effort with respect to composition, arrangements and instrument play. It exhibited the true expertise and skill that Bonobo possessed that boasts of creativity and experimentation at its best. This work was his was received with very high positive reviews and Bonobo emerged as a pioneer of new downtempo. His work was hailed in the critics circle and praised immensely on dance floors across the United States and Europe. He had all the ingredients to make his music create magic on the’ dance floors. Bonobo manifested the right equipment, instruments, effects, sounds, beats that combined together as a mesmerizing experience.
Hailed for his edge cutting technique and innovative sound, Bonobo outshined as the most promising and commercially successful dance music composer and musician. Many labels wanted to sign him up and promote him under their label but Bonobo chose Ninja Tune. Dial ‘M’ For Monkey (2003) was his first studio release under this label.  In periphery Bonobo was the hottest DJ in the making. He was playing dance music, throbbing and setting the atmosphere on fire with his banging dance beats and ancillaries. His floor sets provided the effects of pyrotechnics on the dance floor, his sound gave hip hop an edge of funk. Bonobo made drum and bass combinations a roller coaster ride of up and down tempo, techno, trance and hip hop. He was the best dance music had ever seen and the mix album Solid Steel: It Came From The Sea became his next best offering. This was a set remixes and reedits that served its purpose, to quench the thirst for dance music on floors around the world!

His third album Days To Come (2006) showcased more of Bonobo’s versatility and talent. This album presented a more lively side of Bonobo’s sound. Compared to his previous studio and compilation releases, this was a better projection of his true sound. This album was an effort that brought Bonobo’s studio music rehearsed with a live band. The album was extremely well taken and was followed up by promotional and on demand tours that became phenomenal hits. The album swept the top place at the Gilles Peterson listener’s poll as the Album of The Year. As a result of the ever-increasing demand Bonobo compiled and produced a live DVD for the tour.
His fourth album Black Sands proved him the premier artist on the label Ninja Tune. More importantly he produced the album as the best exhibit of contemporary dance music. With hip hop, jazz and trance fusing at the best possible arrangements, the music on this album marks his signature on his contemporaries. All four of his albums have imprinted his name as one of the most influential dance music artists. He definitely presented the most listened version of dance music genres and subgenres. Presented with the essentials of live jamming and studio mixing techniques Bonobo has created a league of his own.
Bonobo is Ninja Tune’s biggest international artist. He has more than fifteen million plays on Last.FM all featuring high pulsation beats, deep synth and vocals. Bonobo’s productions are an intricate amalgam of high-life guitar riffs, layers of beats, polyrhythmic snapping that mimic the banging atmosphere of the dance floor. All this has lead to his larger than life live shows that have sold out to audiences in Luminaire, Kentish Town Forum and the Roundhouse. Bonobo tickets showcase the maestro, live with his studio wizardry in full swing. A great chance to watch him outdo himself again.

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