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Bassnectar or Lorin Ashton is an electronic music DJ from Santa Cruz California. He is one of the few DJ’s enjoying commercial limelight and success for their unique and distinct productions. Bassnectar  plays an creates a wide range of music from the mainstream genres, Dubstep, Hip Hop, R&B electronic style to the rather off stream Break beat, Glitch and IDM.  

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About Bassnectar Pretty Lights

Freeform  in style and offering electronic sound mixing and substance similar to his contemporaries his live  performances carry edge cutting pyrotechnics, use of laser and light to create a show pumping with the rock and bang energy emitted by the right beat and melody. Bassnectar’s freeform electronic music is very well defined and shaped by eclectic electronic mixing technique, instrument and creativity. Innovative cutting vocals from mainstream music are masterfully combined into his remixes and reedits. His EP’s Heads Up, Art of Revolution, Time Stretch and Wildstyle became a series of electronica based hip hop releases that combined the best possible line of mixes. A mix pot of the most prominent sound of wobble and shaking bass along with sidekicks of underground dubs; his Dubstep music became acknowleged in no time. 
Bassnectar is very experimental with his drum and bass. His influence and inspiration is heavily electronic and digitally inclined. The final tracks delivered are a ripped from a variety of songs from dance music and electronia, but carry Bassnectar’s original compositional marks. His studio albums namely Freakbeats for the BeatFreaks (2001),BeatFreak Bohemia (2002) and Motions of Mutation(2003) subsequently put together an interesting show of various sound techniques. These three became the most prominent ones showcasing cut vocals, a sudden drop and shift of pitch and tone, decreasing length of beats and playing repeats on their respective half-timings.
The digitization and mastering of the sound became a hallmark of Bassnectar since 2004’s release of Diverse System of Throbs and the next year’s Mesmerizing the Ultra. Both relied on synthesis of various forms of music and brought together vocals, chorus and  synthesized samples with digital manipulation in the  foreground. Popular tracks and singles of street rappers, soul and jazz artists, pop and rock singer and vocal samples were adjusted for  pitch-shifts and time delays. Bassnectar from then on became all about the build-up and ever-changing tempos.  In 2007 the Underground Communication brought out an unpredictable and exciting touch to the electronic experience of his sounds. Hearing and dancing to his experimental plot of hide and seek beats, on spot /studio setup, were massive variants of speed delivering a new Bassnectar sound.
His most famous singles Heads Up (2008), Viva Tibet (2008), Magical World featuring Nelly Furtado (2010) and Upside Down(2011) and hit remixes of  Prince from  the Deftones (2010), Lights by Ellie Goulding (2011) and Above and Beyond by Seth Drake (2011) all show his magnificent pitch drops and rise. These tracks have known to stir heart rising and sinking feeling for everyone listening and jamming to the basslines. Bassnectar’s first headlining Bass Center Festival in 2010 and 2011 has become a perennial show of the DJ’s live action. A couple of opening acts and Bassnectar himself have performed to these sold out festivals for crowds of ten thousands.
Pretty Lights or Derek Smeath is another name in electronic music from Colorado. He is mostly about mastering and remastering remixes and reedits through the process of digital sampling. His sampling covers music rips from a wide range of genres. The result of his sampling is a high accent form of Glitch. The sounds are an amalgam of synthesized samples of hip-hop and electronic beats. The synthesis of drums beats and bass tunes if very different.  Pretty Lights is heavy digital funk that carries a vintage mark of R&B, soul and even metal. Since his music is very much dependent and interlaced with hard core sampling his music is derived in all aspects. Thereof Pretty Lights’ music is free and generated with the state of the art latest DJ equipment that includes the digital controllers that customized the use of music compositions and synthesis with software applications.
Pretty Light’s control over sampling has made commendable contribution to Trip Hop, electronica, funk, Hip Hop and soul. His expertise has made him a permanent feature of premier night clubs, party scene and dance floors all across the US especially, music festivals. He has been associated with many artists as a musical collaborator and an opening act which include Paper Diamond, Break Science and Gramatik. Bassnectar Pretty Lights Tickets present one of the most happening electronic DJ’s together to mesmerize and enthral with their vibes, beat and energy and rock the dance floor till everyone drops.
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