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Bassnectar 2 Day Pass Tickets Tickets

Bassnectar, a freeform DJ and electronic musician from California is hitting your town with a great performance. If you want to have a ball with some outstanding music, you must grab Bassnectar Terminal 5 tickets as soon as possible. It is said about him that he is one of the best live performers and is greatly known for his community engagements and light shows. He holds rock and metal music bands like Nirvana, Megadeth, and Metallica as his early influences. He includes these inspirations into his musical career. Since 1990s, Bassnectar has been creating genre-bending music, adding a number of programs like Ableton Live and Vision/OpCode, Reason to his compositions. About his music the artist has stated that it’s ever-changing and amorphous, which he has been able to depict in his many records, podcasts, and EPs. He has worked together with a number of producers and artists, remixing their material. These artists include Lupe Fiasco, Gogol Bordello, Ellie Goulding, Miami Page, Datsik among others. Bassnectar’s latest releases include ‘Cozza Frenzy’ in 2009, ‘Timestretch’ in 2010, ‘Wildstyle’ in 2010, ‘Divergent Spectrum’ in 2011 and ‘Vava Voom’ in 2012.

About Bassnectar 2 Day Pass Tickets

Bassnectar has been continuously touring around the world and playing in music festivals since 2005. These worldwide festivals include Camp Bisco, Electric Forest, Wakarusa, Electric Daisy Carnival, and many others. His tour in spring 2011 was a great success as all his shows were declared sold out, subsequently allowing him to go on another tour called Divergent Spectrum in 2012. As he has always been a great performer and sells out concerts, his 2011 New Year’s performance was attended by ten thousand people in Nashville, Tennessee.  Along with his VaVa Voom tour that was held in April, he released one of his recent albums. Apart from that, he has also coordinated several regional events. Bassnectar has stepped up for causes like true media and free press, public knowledge, ending corporate personhood and net neutrality, among others. He also donated one dollar from each ticket that was sold in his 2011 show, through "Dollar Per Basshead" campaign.
Bassnectar has come up with many albums, Freakbeat for the Beatfreaks being the debut. Beatfreak Bohemia was released in 2002, in 2003 he came up with Motions of Mutation, he then released Diverse Systems Of Throb in 2004. His fresh record, Vava Voom has been acclaimed by the critics from “The Rolling Stone”, “The New Yorker”, “Spin”, and many more. The album is quite impressive with songs that range from rap bangers to stunning melodic epics. He has also released several EPs and singles such as Float, Creation Lullaby, Booty Line and Bomb The Blocks. His performances are always successful and it was confirmed that he was among Top 3 artists to sell most of the hard tickets. Other than producing music, Bassnectar supports social collision with his art, arising from collaborating, remixing, writing, performing or DJing.  Bassnectar aims to not only promote the expanding society of “loyal Bass Heads”, but he also contributes to the worldwide community through social change and charity.
Bassnectar still remains among the most famous influential figures in the electronic music genre in California. His music is well recognized for its breakbeat, eclecticism, dubstep, shifting tempos, dynamics, and contrasting moods. The Bassnectar tour, which includes its own traditional sound rig, is heading towards a number of most noted festivals and venues of U.S.A. It is predicted that like his previous shows, this concert is also going to attract a massive crowd. The artist is on the go and he is expected to give you a fantastic performance in his show taking place soon. Our website is offering cheap Bassnectar Terminal 5 tickets for you as public demands more and more to watch him playing live.