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Third Day & Colton Dixon tickets bring you to one of the most awaited tours of the year, The Miracle Tour. The tour starts in the beginning of 2013 and goes on a city trek covering forty five cities of the US. This tour is a combined effort of the World Vision (A Christian Humanitarian Organization) and the Grand Canyon University. World Vision is a charitable organization that helps and funds of millions of poor, underprivileged people. They target almost hundred countries in the underdeveloped world. The organization supports these people by funding their everyday needs and helping them in many other ways. The Miracle Tour is a wonderful effort by the World Vision and the Grand Canyon. The proceeding from this tour will benefit the poor and the needy in many ways. Purchase Third Day & Colton Dixon tickets to witness not only your favorite stars and band perform live but also support a good cause. Be sure to join in.

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About Third Day Colton Dixon

The Miracle Tour: Third Day & Colton Dixon has many highlights for rock and Christian rock/pop fans. The most important one is the Atlanta-based Christian rock band Third Day.  Third day is the winner of four Grammy Awards and number of other awards such as the GMA's Dove Awards. The band has fifteen albums in their portfolio six of which went to become gold certified while one of them became platinum certified. The band’s lineup has David Carr on the Drums, Mark Lee on the lead guitars and Tai Anderson on the bass guitar. Third Day began in 1991 when Lee with Powell and ex-member started it out of their love for Christina rock. The rest of the members joined in two years later. Out of college without jobs, a personal van and great passion to make music, they did nothing but create wonderful music.
Third Day had great variety in their music that covered everything from techno, Modern rock to worship music and even southern tock. No wonder the band won great critical acclaim and was also tagged as ‘one of the best Christian bands” of the decade of the nineties and also the one of the best rock outfit of that time. Offerings and Offerings II took the band to the heights of success. The different styles sung and played by them constantly produced quality songs. The quality of every song remained great and their passion never dimmed out.

Colton Dixon is the winner from the eleventh season of the show American will also be headlining the Miracle tour with Third Day.  After winning the American Idol title, Colton shelled under Sparrow Records an EMI CMG Label Group. The artist got noticed for his amazing vocal power on American Idol. This Tennessee basesd singer had great potential and he shared his talent even further at American Idol LIVE!. His debut album is anticipated around the beginning of 2013.  Dixon’s first single You Are and Never Gone are two singles released by him already. They will be a part of his upcoming album where all of his songs like Never Gone will most likely original. The best thing about this artist is the fact that he has played and sung an original creation as an America Idol contestant. He hopes to continue doing that in studio and in his live performances.  Dixon has performed earlier on shows from The Tonight Show to The Today Show and from The Ellen DeGeneres Show to Live! With Kelly and many more.

Third Day & Colton Dixon on the Miracle tour are not the only ones. They will be accompanied by famed pop singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, Josh Wilson who will be performing as a guest artist. The artist’s claim to fame was his album Trying to Fit the Ocean in a Cup. The effort hails him as the best next name as well as the future of Christian pop. Third Day & Colton Dixon is a great tour that brings the fresh offerings from both the headliners. Third Day brings its heavy influence of hard rock and grunge to life with Miracle. This album is loaded with rock anthems with optimistic lyrics. Their new twists in their music style featuring layered guitars, gang vocals, harmonies unheard from the band before will be played live at this tour.  Third Day & Colton Dixon will also see Dixon perform country with modern music flair. Cheap Third Day & Colton Dixon tickets offer great deals and bargains for a concert on this tour. Grab them ASAP.

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