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Third Day Colton Dixon & Josh Wilson tickets are your passes to one of the most awaited country music tours this season, The Miracle Tour. This tour is presented by World Vision (A Christian Humanitarian Organization) and the Grand Canyon University. It brings Grammy Award winning band Third Day along with American Idol Star Colton Dixon and a special guest Josh Wilson.

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This awesome trio is all set to hit the road his spring with The Miracle Tour, reaching one leg after the other. This tour has a trek of forty five cities of the United States; some of them have already hosted splendid performances by Third Day, Colton Dixon and Josh Wilson as special guests. Every stop of Miracle benefits the development and support program that the World Vision organization works on. This charitable organization funds the poor, needy and underprivileged populations in the underdeveloped world. World Vision has made a great difference in the lives of millions of people.
The organization has involved public many times at community level charity and fund raising events. The Miracle Tour is special, it is a first of its kind event by the organization. It aims to use music to spread the message of helping others. Crowds coming to this tour have responded very well to this cause and have made extra donations. You can also be part of this wonderful cause. You will get to witness a sensational band and some of your favorite stars perform live. Grab you deals and become a part of the Miracle Tour.
The tour’s heading act is the Atlanta-based band Third Day. Third Day are David Carr, Mark Lee and Tai Anderson on the bass guitar. This Christian rock has won the Grammy Awards four times for its awe-inspiring music and songs. The band’s biggest strength is its inspired and deeply touching songwriting. The band’s music is also stupendous; it is loaded with impressions from the gothic, classic and alternative rock of the seventies to modern sounds like techno, southern rock and even contemporary rock. The band has also won GMA's Dove Awards which honor six of its fifteen studio albums. Five of these six albums became gold certified. Third Day is a versatile band, and has gotten huge public and critical acclaim. It is one of the freshest form of worship music that has become a part of mainstream music. Commonly known as the one of ‘the best Christian bands of the nineties’ the band continues to play it mesmeric songs. From the band’s debut in 1991 to their claim to fame Offerings and Offerings II, Third Day has brought forth brilliant music. Come and experience tem live at the Miracle Tour.

Colton Dixon the finalist and winner of the American Idol’s eleventh season of the show American. He will join Third Day to show of his live singing power to his fans and an following at the Miracle Tour. Colton is a truly amazing and talented singer. He has very strong and distinct vocals that made him the eleventh American Idol. Watch this Tennessee based singer support his debut release, singing his best loved hits Never Gone I and You Are
Josh Wilson also appears at the Miracle Tour as a guest performer. This pop singer and songwriter is also a gifted instrumentalist. He has tried his hands and Christen Rock/Pop and and has gained fame from the effort titled Trying to Fit the Ocean in a Cup. He is the a promising star in the genre to hit the mainstream with his beautiful vocals, music and lyrics
The Miracle Tour: Third Day Colton Dixon & Josh Wilson is loaded with a great number of attractions. It presents three different acts singing and performing to their signature Rock, Country, and Christian rock/pop. It is a great opportunity for fans to see the favorite band and artist perform live in a venue near them. Third Day Colton Dixon & Josh Wilson showcases the best of the best songs from its fine lineup of bands and singer. The concerts on this show have already received great reviews. The tour is bound to become a hit live act of the year. If you are a fan, it is advised to search of the show coming near you and find great deals and bargains like cheap Third Day Colton Dixon & Josh Wilson tickets.

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