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Rock ‘n’ Roll may have been deemed as the devil’s music when it was all the rage back in the 1950s. Later, rock music was literally associated with worshipping the horned god. However, in the grand tradition of the Church embracing the changing times and increasing mass appeal, Christian music has also accepted rock music within its folds, spawning genres such as Christian rock and worship. The Rock & Worship Roadshow has been making the rounds of communities all over for the last five years. Their symphonic sermons have rung loud and clear in the rock music listening faithful wherever they have performed. Each year, the phenomenon gets together some of the hottest acts in Christian rockdom, this year being no exception.

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About The Rock Worship Roadshow Dallas Tickets

The Rock & Worship Roadshow Dallas event will feature the likes of Rhett Walker Band, Jeremy Camp, Family Force 5, MercyMe, Luminate, Tedashii, Adam Cappa, Kutless and Tim Timmons. This tour is sure to be a smashing success, what with it coming on the heels of the 2012 even that was included among the top-50 road tours of that year by Pollstar. Even the sponsors of the tour espouse strong Christian values. Of the two sponsoring organizations, Compassionate International undertakes Christianity based development of children all around the world and is largest such entity.

The other sponsor is Grand Canyon University that has also sponsored the event previously. The entity is Arizona’s premier institution of higher learning for inculcating Christian ideals. Clinch some cheap The Rock & Worship Roadshow Dallas tickets to rock to religious vibes.