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Jesus Culture was formed in 1991 and is basically a religious youth ministry that annually hosts three different conferences in California as well as Las Vegas, Atlanta, Australia, Cleveland, England and Dallas. The events attract hundreds of young passionate people from around the globe. Jesus Culture Music is also a project by the same organization which is currently led by Kim Walker. The other band members are Jeffrey Kunde, Josh Fisher, Ian McIntosh, Brandon Aaronson and Chris Quilala. They were basically the worship leaders of Bethel Church’s youth group. Now the band is bringing its spiritually inspiring music to your town. In order to be able to attend the concert, you can now purchase cheap Jesus Christ tickets deals.

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About Jesus Culture

Jesus Culture’s Kim Walker is a worship leader, singer, recording artist and songwriter belonging to Redding, California. Through the record label of Jesus Culture, she released her very first album as a solo artist in February of 2008. Kim’s rendition of How He Loves by John Mark McMillan was a great hit and has received 1.2 million views on YouTube. Apart from that, her single Where You Go I Go has also received four million YouTube views. On the whole, Kim Walker has established a reputation of being one of the most accomplished artists of her respective genre.
Jesus Culture Band’s aim is to revive spirituality among the hearts of the youth and to reawaken all nations across the world. The band came into existence when Bethel Church’s pastor, young Banning Liebscher was given the charge of both Jesus Culture conferences as well as the band. He took the movement to an international level. The band members have devoted their lives in worshipping and motivating people to follow the path of passion for the Divine Power. Although they inspire people to sing worship songs through their music, their basic purpose is to bring people into “His” presence and light.
Jesus Culture released their very first album “Everything” in 2006, and following its immense success they have released a new album every year since. The album that has received the most acclaim and criticism is “Awakening,” which was released in 2009. The music of this album is mostly driven by guitar chords and strumming. The songs are longer, not the usual three-minute track format. The minimum time of any given song is five minutes.
For its most part, Awakening features the vocals of Kim Walter. Her voice is recognized as being low in pitch, though considerably strong. It almost has a feeling as if she is “commanding” what she sings, which might be because of her belief in the lyrics that she is belting out. There are also slower tracks in the album such as “Dance With Me” and “Revelation Song,” while others are either louder or more melodious. On the whole, the album is considered as a “refreshing” collection of worship songs. It is sincere enough to be a worship album, while at the same time being musical and catchy enough for the average youth.
The album opens with the song “Awaken Me” which stands apart for its beautiful and moving lyrics. The opening is by Quilala, who has definitely done a good job. The song Break Every Chain has vocals by Kristene Di Marco. Hence you will find variety of every sort in one little album. There are different vocals and highs and lows. Jesus Culture is now bringing its faith-refreshing and soul-reviving music to your city in one of its tours. If you believe that there is “power in Jesus’ name” that can break every chain, you should book your Jesus Culture tickets. Don’t forget to secure tickets for your friends and family too.

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