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Music is the food for soul. When it is blended with religion, it becomes all the more sacred and inspiring. For year, singers and musicians have expressed their feelings towards the Divine through music and words. Since music has a magic-like quality, when it is combined with the spiritual elements, it enters straight into your heart and elevates your soul. For many, music is a way to reach to God and establish a connection with the unknown. Although music and religion has been used in various ways, Christian Modern Worship music is one of its own kinds. This year you can get a chance to be a part of a live show by a band that is drenched in Christian Modern Worship music. David Crowder Band is known for this genre of music and has won a huge fan following around the world. David Crowder Band tickets are now available and you need to be on your toes to grab them before others deprive you of this lifetime opportunity.

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David Crowder Band

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Crowder David J. Prior Convocation Center Wise Thursday
11/16/2017 7:00 PM

About David Crowder Band

A band from Waco, Texas, David Crowder Band is a Christian Modern Worship. Modern worship is basically a type of Christian worship. It emerged within Western evangelical Protestantism during the 20th century. In the beginning, it was limited to the charismatic movement. However, now is has become widespread. It is characterized by the use of contemporary worship music.

David Crowder Band was established by David Crowder. He realized that most of the pupils around him in the university were not taking part in the church activities which really surprised him. He together with Chris Seay began University Baptist Church in 1995. As the result of his efforts, the church's congregation started building up. He also started writing songs to for worship times. The church finally came up with an independent CD titled “Pour Over Me”. It also released “All I Can Say” which brought the David Crowder Band into the limelight. They made contract with sixstepsrecords/Sparrow Records. So far, they have released 6 additional. Kyle Lake, University Baptist Church's previous pastor, had a lot of impact on the David Crowder Band.

With the release of “A Collision”, the band became all the more popular. They used various style of music in this album including bluegrass, folk, alternative, in addition to worship. It won them a lot of popularity and helped them lure a huge number of fans from around the world. "Turkish Delight", their single, was also made public on the Music Inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia. It also became a great hit. In 2007, David Crowder Band began recording “Remedy” and was released the same way.

David Crowder Band also organized a church music conference at Baylor University in the year 2010. Louie Giglio, Hillsong London, Matt Redman and Jars of Clay include some other presenters. As announced by the band “Oh For Joy” is to be released in October, 2011. The members of this popular band include David Crowder, Jack Parker, Mike Dodson, Mike Hogan, Jeremy Bush and Mark Waldrop. They have won a number of awards for their great music and have also been nominated for several recognitions. In addition to his work in music, David Crowder has also authored a number of books.

Live performances by David Crowder Band are always a great experience.  They can take you to spiritual journey where you can explore your inner being with the help of mesmerizing music by this band. Their vocals, compositions and lyrics enlighten the audiences and you feel out of this world. Getting David Crowder Band tickets can promise you a great evening with your loved ones. No matter if you have had a chance to discover this band before or not, this event will certainly make you their fan and you will love to experience them again and again.

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