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Coming of the age of inspirational grunge, Alter Bridge’s emerged as one of America’s prominent rock sound. The band founded and formed in Orlando by Mark Tremonti (guitar lead) along with ex-band members from the celebrated grunge band, Creed, Brian Marshall at the bass and Scott Phillips on drums.  Alter Bridge is joined by Myles Kennedy as vocalist. With Kennedy and the band’s association with other rock artists, the band has had a hard time carving a niche for its self.

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Alter Bridge

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Alter Bridge House Of Blues - Orlando Orlando Friday
11/24/2017 8:00 PM
Alter Bridge Jannus Live Saint Petersburg Saturday
11/25/2017 7:00 PM
Alter Bridge & All That Remains The Pageant St. Louis Friday
12/8/2017 8:00 PM
Alter Bridge & All That Remains Joe's Live at MB Financial Park Rosemont Monday
12/11/2017 7:30 PM
Alter Bridge & All That Remains Knitting Factory Spokane Spokane Saturday
12/16/2017 8:00 PM

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About Alter Bridge

Its music and sound remains deeply influenced by Pearl Jam’s Eddie Veddar and Soundgarden/ Coldplay’s Chris Cornell. This influence and association became a dilemma for its band members when they were a part of Creed. Yet Creed excelled and became a mega platinum celebrated band. For Alter Bridge the association continued to plague their presence as a mainstream rock act. With the very classy Jimmy page and Robert plant of Led Zeppelin, Axel Rose from Guns and Roses and Iron Maiden amongst other rock and metal legends serving as main sources of inspiration; Alter Bridge earned general acclaim for their later work. Their acceptance and recognition in the earlier years was marked with great showcase of live rock. Very impressive live acts from the band have brought them an extensive and loyal fan base that continues to grow to date.
The music of the band carries heavy impressions from mostly alternative metal and hard rock. The sound has a very strong post-grunge impact act that is loaded with heavy metal and progressive undertones. Their lyrics shift gears between positive themes like hope /struggle and darker ones like death, addiction and remorse. Kennedy and Tremonti are the music and lyrical masterminds. After Creed’s breakup in 2004, the band came together with the debut One Day Reminds under the Wind-up records. One Day Remains became an RIAA gold certified album. The albums subsequent releases were not big commercially; however, they also received commendable appreciation.
 In 2007 BlackBird came out and Alter Bridge was received with much appreciated critical reviews. Blackbird won such acclaim that fans and critical reviews tagged it to be the greatest guitar solo of all time. The Guitarists reports Blackbird to have taken a lead amongst the legendary rock riffs of Jimmy Page from Led Zepplin and Slash Snakepit from Guns and Roses.
 AB III in 2010 became their third studio release to hit stands; it was followed up by extensive and frequent touring that is Alter Bridge’s trademark. The, Live from Amsterdam live album and video released and became a monster hit as it marked itself as number one on the Amazon's Bestsellers in Music Videos & Concerts. This recognition translates to Alter Bridge’s might as one of the best live performing rock acts. Fuse Tv’s Battle of the Fans poll became the most hyped tournament for 2011, here Alter Bridge took lead and won over contemporaries Linkin Park and Disturbed.
Alter Bridge has always been evaluated as a shadow or fallout of Creed’s music. This has resulted in a shaky mixed reception amongst critics and masses in the early days of the career. However, the band stood the test of time and proved its substance. Ultimate Guitar Archive ranks Alter Bridge as the decades best heavy metal band at number thirty six. It also ranks AB III as the 2010’s seventh best album. Total Guitar listed the track Ties That Bind from Blackbird at number forty one as the greatest guitar song of the decade.
Alter Bridge live performances and concert tours has earned them great recognition. Unlike other mainstream rock bands Alter Bridge has live performances that are regarded as an understatement for any renowned rock act. They perform very regularly at their preferred small to medium sized venues. House of Blues being an all time favorite performance stage, Alter Bridge brings its audience music that defines them as rock artists. They have created a separate concert fan following those regularly hunts for and attend their live shows.
Conducting concerts and shows in rather mediocre scale and enclosed venues instead of stadiums, arenas and amphitheatres, the band has successfully brought a very exclusive, controlled and deliberate live experience to the audience. Their shows have repeatedly boasted of celebrity guest performances like Slash Snakepit, Eddie and Wolfgang Van Halen and the great Jimmy Page. Many other names of rock that have inspired that band are invited to attend their concerts. Alter Bridge tickets offer fans a melodious treat of heavy sound every time they perform; making them one of the most sought live rock bands of our times.

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