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The Dirty Heads and The Expendable tickets bring you a great party of live reggae this season. Southern California’s two most prominent surf/rock/reggae acts together in The Dirty Heads and the Expendables are all set to tour this summer.

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About The Dirty Heads The Expendables

The Dirty Heads include Dirty J (Jared Watson), Duddy B (Dustin Bushnell), Matt Ochoa, David Foral and Jon Olazabal. They are a reggae band that has mainly played hip-hop fusion and ska. They have also played progressive, punk, alternative and acoustic rock music. Inspired by names like The Beastie Boys, Sublime, 311 and Bob Marley and by the sandy beaches, wind, surf and the southern Californian youth culture, the band has created a unique outlook and sound.

They play very catchy hip-hop and classic reggae that is at times electrified with raging guitar sounds. The band’s music with tub-thumping beats and rhythms along with complimenting lyrics create a feel-good factor. One thing is for sure, once you listen to the Dirty Heads you always want to enjoy their music again which is very relaxing. Orange County’s Huntington Beach is the home of the Dirty Heads. They started here when Watson and Bushnell decided to use their sports and musical inspirations to create music. They aimed at making something that could be played on any party in Southern Californian. The signature laidback lifestyle, party scene, skating, surfing and ground jams had influenced them since childhood. They now wanted to play their music at all these places, at all the right events.

Bushnell’s personal soundproof garage and his four-track recorder became the starting point of their musical journey. The band recorded its initial songs and demos here. The punk rock and rapping interests of both these band members helped them make groovy, mind-blowing hip-hop music.Later influences like post-modern, ska and rock music came into the picture and the band gave new dimension to their music. Their Southern Californian style is evident in Any Port in a Storm, their first album. Released in 2008, the album featured some wonderful songs. The 2010 deluxe edition’s highlight, Lay Me Down topped the Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart and pushed the band for the second album, Cabin By the Sea. This album came out in 2012 and created waves with chart hits like Spread Too Thin and Dance All Night. The band also made it to television series and Hollywood with tracks for Surf's Up, Surfer Dude and CBS’s Shark.

The Dirty Heads are a big time live concert attraction. This year they have collaborated with The Expendables, another band from their league. The Dirty Heads will be supporting their latest releases on The Dirty Heads and The Expendables. The Expendables will be opening THE show with another band, Common Sense. Anyone who enjoys the southern Californian laid-back lifestyle, music as well as youth culture must attend this concert.The Expendables like the Dirty Heads are inspired by partying, surfing, music and skating. They too create music by blending reggae and punk rock. Their guitar solos inspired by great guitarists of the eighties have been quite popular. They have made their presence felt, since they came to mainstream music. Their music has played at various party floors.

The three full-length studio albums, No Time To Worry in 2000 to Open Container in 2001 and Gettin’ Filthy in 2004 have been loved by fans. Prove It (2010) became one of the hottest albums on the Billboards and iTunes Alternative Charts. The album featured a number of collaborations; names like G. Love, C-Money, Dela and OG featured on most of the songs on this album. With thirteen years in mainstream music, The Expendables have made quite a name in the industry and are still growing with much more to offer. Even critics have sited their music as exceptionally fresh. The band’s live performances have received rave reviews from fans and critics alike. In the past The Expendables have performed with bands like Slightly Stoopid, Less Than Jake, NoFX and Pennywise and Pepper. They have performed live in their annual Winter Blackout Tour and at the big time summer fest Warped Tour. The band is still touring, bringing their brand of music to its fans. Cheap The Dirty Heads and the Expendable tickets have been made available. Grab them at the earliest to ensure your seat.

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