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Soldiers of the Jah Army (Soja) and Alpha Blondy are among the world’s most popular reggae bands. Their Jah centered anthems aim towards the promotion of peace, social consciousness and love among people of all races, countries and religions. Both the bands are appreciated nationwide for creating music with a message because of which Soja Alpha Blondy tickets are a hot selling item for their upcoming concert.

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About Soja Alpha Blondy

Soja showed up on the music forefront during the 90s with their Jamaican reggae melodies. Often termed as the ‘Star Nineties’, this era introduced a number of pop rock bands in the music industry, with little or no taste for reggae. But it was with Soja that the reggae genre gained popularity and their aim to work for the betterment of humanity through music was lauded. Taking the influence from the legendary artists such as Peter Tosh and Bob Marley, it released 12 studio albums with hit singles like Everything Changes, She Still Loves Me and Not Done Yet. One of its lead singers Jacob Hemphill expresses his love for reggae music in words, “We loved rock and hip hop but there was something missing in the message. Even with our favorite artists, you would get only one song that hit home and touched you and others that were about nothing. With this genre, we are singing about something beautiful that truly matters”.  The band is all set to rock huge audience in a live concert. This time, it will not be alone on stage with its astounding music but will be accompanied by Alpha Blondy.
Alpha Blondy is respected in the music industry for its reggae beats. He leads a 12 piece band named Solar System and calls himself the African Rasta for creating the Jah centered melodies. With a range that moves from sensitivity to rage over prejudice, much of his music is aimed at empathizing with the underprivileged people and also with those on the hit list of the society’s brutality. Being a strong supporter of African unity, Blondy sings in different languages to get the message through to the people belonging to different communities and ethnicities. He recorded his first solo album in the early eighties titled ‘Jah Glory’, which earned popularity for featuring songs that criticized harassment by the police, some unbiased political opinions and also a few personal experiences.
From eighties to date, the artist has highlighted each era with unforgettable music albums featuring hit singles like Blesser, Jerusalem and Sweet Fanta Diallo.  Blessed with a sweet voice, Alpha Blondy’s music is an incredible combination of different styles, inclusive of earthy, tech, classic and contemporary. Rather than taking a safer route in composing his music and coming up with outdated melodies, the artist has always preferred taking necessary risks to sound different. The artist has experimented by including music of some of his favorite musicians, which has resulted in tasteful tunes that rightly represents modern thinking of the artist.
Alpha Blondy and Soja are unanimously appreciated for their energy in live performances. There are some people who have claimed that they had never listened to their music before but after catching their performance as an opening act, were greatly impressed by the energy and sound SOJA presented. Soja has a great fan following and its concerts witness jam-packed crowd. Alpha Blondy is also often appreciated as a great performer. Both the ensembles performing together is no less than a treat for all the reggae lovers. So here is the chance to add to the fun by availing the discount offer for getting cheap Soja Alpha Blondy tickets. Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to ingenious music, get your Soja Alpha Blondy tickets now!

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