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Michael Franti is a world renowned singer, poet and peace activist. He and his band Spearhead, have composed different styles of music by mixing reggae, jazz and many other genres, keeping hip-hop the central theme. Michael’s biological mother was Irish-German-French while his father was an African American.  Carol Wisti and Charles Franti, whose last name Michael took, adopted him and raised him in Oakland, California. His love for poetry and music started at the University Of San Francisco, where he took part in playing music on the school’s radio.

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Franti started experimenting with making and blending music in different countries. He began recording “The Sound of Sunshine” in Jamaica. He then transitioned into making music in a portable studio. He would often test his compositions in front of large groups of people, to see their judgments and critiques. At times he would change the sound according to their tastes while sometimes he chose to keep it the same. His  experiments went on to become hugely successful. More than three quarters of his entire album have been recorded in his portable studio. Recently Michael announced the making of his new album called “All People.” The album is scheduled to be released on the 30th of July, 2013. Michael Franti tickets are in high demand since then.