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Two sensational reggae artists of different styles come together to headline Matisyahu & The Dirty Heads concert. One is a solo performer whereas the other is a band but music or reggae music is something both have in common. Both have performed together for quite some time now which has enabled them to strike an amazing connection. Make sure you have your Matisyahu & The Dirty Heads tickets in hand so that you can catch it live to see what makes them such a perfect fit.

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About Matisyahu Dirty Heads

On one hand we have Matisyahu who specializes in mixing time honored Jewish themes with reggae, hip-hop and rock to come up with a really unique type of music. He started his music career by the name of MC Truth by performing in a group named Soulfori. He made his debut as Matisyahu with the album Shake Off the Dust…Arise in the year 2004. He followed that up with a live album titled Live at the Stubb’s in 2005. He then embarked on a road trip that took him to various parts of the U.S., Canada and Europe. .A live adaptation of his hit song King Without a Crown was then released that went on to crack the Modern Rock Top 10 charts. Then came his next studio album, Youth in 2006 which turned out to be his first major hit. It went on to capture prominent positions on various charts and ended by being certified gold in the U.S. by RIAA. The album also ended up being given the accolade of the most downloaded Digital Album by Billboard.
His next studio album was Light which was released in 2009. It became another huge hit that received a lot of positive acclaim from fans and critics alike. The success of the album can be judged from the fact that it spent a staggering thirty four weeks at the top of the billboard reggae charts. He first stepped in the industry in the year 2000 and has since gone on to become a true reggae star. His stock has continued to rise which has earned him rave reviews from both fans and critics around the globe.
The second performer at the Matisyahu & The Dirty Heads concert will be The Dirty Heads. It was formed in the year 1996 by Dustin Bushnell and Dirty Watson. They initially met during their high school days and immediately stuck a special rapport. Together they started to work on various tracks and got Jon Olazabal, David Foral and Matt Ochoa to come onboard.  After assembling the cast they wanted the group started to take music more seriously. They started performing locally in and around California. The power of their music enabled them to generate a loyal fanbase that followed them every step of the way.
The success of those early years led them to becoming a national touring sensation that collaborated with various other performers. With Reggae and to some extent hip-hop at the heart of their music The Dirty Heads started to come out with their own unique sound. Their tracks like Stand Tall, Lay me Down, Check the Level, Believe, Spread Too Thin and Dance All Night have all made headlines for all the right reasons and paved the way for them to be the stars they are now. Albums like Any Port in a Storm and Cabin by the Sea have gone long way in establishing this amazing group among the most famous reggae names right now.
Matisyahu & The Dirty Heads will be nothing short of exceptional. This is not an act put together simply to generate headlines. This is a combination that has been around for a considerable amount of time mesmerizing fans everywhere. Both of them are on the same wavelength and that has come from their long association over the years. Join the lucky group of people who have watched them live and grab your cheap Matisyahu & The Dirty Heads tickets at the first opportunity you get.

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