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With a unique twist in their sound and a more modern music with an occasional traditional element, the band John Brown’s Body has been enthralling people worldwide gaining popularity and critical acclaim. Buy John Brown’s Body tickets and enjoy a whole new dimension of Reggae-Rock sound that will fascinate you and leave lasting impression. A reggae band from Boston and Ithaca, John Brown’s Body took its name to honor the freedom fighter and the abolitionist of 1850s John Brown. Their music focuses on reggae themes and is combined with diverse styles including electronic, ska, funk, hip-hop, dub and dubstep. The band started their career in 1996 and current members include Elliot Martin as a lead singer, Jon Petronzio, Sam Dechenne, Drew Seyers, Tommy Benedetti, Scott Flynn and Mike Keenan.

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About John Browns Body

The band’s career started with their release of All Time in 1996 which made it to “Top 10 Indie Records List” of rolling Stone Magazine. After the release of This Day in 2000, the band was called “one of the world’s best root-styled reggae bands” by the Boston Herald. The album contained 13 songs conveying a powerful and strong message. By 2004, they had released four albums in total and earned reputation for high-energy, enthusiastic and lively shows. Their fifth studio album Pressure Points in 2005 was hailed as “their strongest, most consistent effort to date” by Popmatters.
In the upcoming years, the band faced many challenges after the death of bassist Scott Palmer, departure of singer and co-founder Kevin Kinsella and throat surgery of lead singer Eliot Martin. This led to several changes including new members joining in and the music evolving into a new direction. The band overcame the tragic times, releasing their album Amplify in 2008 which was debuted at no. 1 on Billboard’s Reggae Charts and no. 10 on CMJ’s World Music Charts. Over the years, the band toured throughout the United States and headed to United Kingdom with 16 shows and New Zealand with 11 shows in 2009. In 2013, the band released their first Studio album named Kings And Queens which was debuted no.1 on itunes reggae charts. It features 12 new tracks and is band’s first Vinyl release.
Besides performing as a group and amazing the listeners with their captivating shows, the band has also performed with well renowned bands including The flaming Lips, Further Ozomatli, Jurassic 5, STS9 and Dave Mathews Band. The band’s main influences include Sigur Ros, Sly and Robbie, Radiohead, Batch, King Tubby and Midnite. Besides significant fan following and worldwide recognition, the band has mostly garnered positive reviews and critical acclaim. All Music Guide honored Elliot Martin saying his melodies are “the most gorgeous melodies in all of modern reggae music”. New York Daily news called the band as being “more Massive Attack than Marley”. Glide wrote, “John Brown’s Body throws down reggae unlike any other act on the live circuit”.
The band has earned several awards and nominations throughout their career. They made their no.1 Billboard Reggae Chart debut in 2008 and Best of 2009 Reggae Records in 2008. Their album Amplify in 2008 was awarded with “Most Anticipated Album of 2008” by and it also got Best Album Nomination by NAR Lifestyle Music Awards. John Brown’s Body produces a root reggae sound that spills the universal message of praise and thanks and captivates the audiences. Buy cheap John Brown’s Body tickets and enjoy the music that focuses on positive aspects of life with upbeat in message and tempo.

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