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Yalewolf, who was born with the name Michael Wayne Atha, belongs to Gadsden, Alabama, United States. He is an American by origin and the genre of his music genre is basically Hip hop. He has been known to be a great rapper since the time he stepped into this field. Besides being completely successful in the music industry, Michael is also a pro-skateboarder which makes a very talented person having all those skills in one box.

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So it would be amazing if you get a chance to see this entertainer live on stage because it is not just his good look but the music he delivers will always make you stay and listen for more. It is for you to decide how good he is and buy those Yelawolf tickets to see this guy live where you will see his success in music and his skills on stage that will blow your mind away. This is a chance that you should not miss because after this one show you will be among his fan list.
Michael made his first debut in the show business by making an appearance in reality series called The Road to Stardom with Missy Elliot, but it was in 2005 that he released his first ever album which was called Creek Water. After almost two years, he was able to sign himself up with Columbia Records and it was then, that he released his single from his first album that was called Kickin, was it was the same year as when he signed with Columbia Records. From the years 2008 to 2010, Michael launched at least four mixtapes and extended with the Ghet-O-Vision Entertainment.
By the end of year 2011, he was able to sign with Shady Records and it was during that time that his album named Radioactive was released with very positive feedback. The album was able to make its way to number twenty-seven on the Billboard 200, which further helped him lead his career towards success. Also the same year, Yelawolf was given the title of Best New Rapper in the magazine called Esquire.
Michael has also appeared on a few television shows and gave an interview in 2010, on Exclaim! which is a Canadian music website where he announced that he was most inspired by Andre 3000 from Outkast. Yelawolf was also able to make his way to the show called CSI: Crime Scene Investigation alongside a singer named Christina Milian and rapper Paul Wall.
In 2007, when Yelawolf signed with Columbia Records, he also recorded another album with the title Fearin and Loathing in the Smalltown, U.S.A., this album was never released but only had one single released which was Kickin. Later in 2010, he was able to make a guest appearance on the show called Bizarre’s Friday Night at St. Andrews and also on some other albums which were recorded by Jelz Santana, Paul Wall and Big Boi. The same year he released a mixtape called Trunk Muzik with a very major label.
Yelawolf has a few associated acts with other famous artists, names like Big K.R.I.T, Eminem, Cychi Da Prynce, Wiz Khalifa, Rittz, Travis Barker and Ed Sheeren. In 2012, Yelawolf faced a hard time when he was admitted to the hospital for a ruptured spleen and it caused him to cancel some of his shows in the near future. But once he is back in business now, he will surely pick where he left off and bring back those energy filled live performances. And you never know when he might come to your town and it may be your last chance to see such an entertaining musician. So buy cheap Yelawolf tickets and bring your family and loved ones with you to show this amazing performance.

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