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Washington, D.C. the nation’s capital, apart from being the seat of American presidency has also been home to some of the finest artist and musicians ever lived! For example, legends like Marvin Gaye and Duke Ellington were from this city and so were countless other stars. Recently, a new star, a rapper has been shinning on the capital’s horizons, whose ever increasing popularity has made him a world-known star as well. That rapper is none other than, Wale. The same rapper who has been responsible for giving you some of the best rap numbers like “World Tour”, “Pretty Girls” and “Chillin”, has been the winner of prestigious awards like BET Hip Hop Awards, etc. You can now catch his live performance with your Wale tickets.

About Wale

A relatively new musician, his work has been so awesome that it has already been compared with the works of greats like Lil-Wayne and Kanye. He has also worked with Lady Gaga and other heavy weights of the music industry. Wale was born and brought up in the nation’s capital, whose family, immigrants from Nigeria, later moved into the suburbs of Washington, D.C. His real name is Olubowale Victor Akintimehin. Presumable his professional name “Wale” comes from the second-half of his first name! He has also attended Bowie State University, along with others, for a while, but could not complete the degree, due to his love of music. His second love has been described as capital area’s football team, the Washington Redskins. His obsession with football and especially with Redskins had given birth to a rumor that he once got a tattoo of Redskins tight end, Chris Cooley.

Like most struggling artists, he too, initially worked the local music scene of Washington, D.C. Since he had been super-talented from day one, it wasn’t hard for various head-hunters to spot his unique talent for rap and he initially signed up with local recording companies. His fame however remained confined to Washington, D.C. and its adjacent states like Maryland and Virginia, till 2006. In 2006, Allido Records producer Mark Ronson discovered him and got him signed in 2007. This event marked his initial success of breaking into the very competitive national scene. However his music was well received in all the four corners of the country in the form of numerous mixtapes. Around this time, he had also started to appear on famous television channels like MTV and others. His popularity also got him into the main pages of several urban magazines, making him famous by the day. His biggest break however came in 2008.

Wale, in 2008 signed up with Interscope Records, which was a million dollar deal to release his debut album, Attention Deficit. The album did remarkably well both commercially and critically. Released in 2009, the album sold over 28,000 records during the first week of its release. Allmusic rated it with solid 4/5 stars and the Slant Magazine also rated it with the same score. The album also dominated various music charts and debuted at position no. 2 on the US Top Rap Albums (Billboard) Chart. Attention Deficit had some unforgettable numbers like “Beautiful Bliss”, “Contemplate”, “90210”, “Triumph”, and many others.

Ever since the release of Attention Deficit, Wale concerts have been thronged by thousands of fans wherever he has performed. Coupled with the fact that the management is always mindful of the fans pockets, provision for cheap Wale tickets has always been made. Great hip hop music which comes with tickets at discounted prices, have made this son of the nation’s capital, every ones favorite hip hop star. His music has been described as having a heavy dose of “go-go” music. Go-go music which actually originated from Washington, D.C. has been described as “a more raw, percussion-driven offshoot of disco” by Allmusic.

This awesome rapper now comes to your beautiful city! If you are a true hip hop fan, you are most likely to be Wale’s fan and would not like to miss his concert! Wale tickets discount is every music lover’s favorite bargain and a deal too good to be missed! The man, who has an electrifying stage presence, may not be coming back to perform in your town anytime soon, so this is your best chance to enjoy his live music! Time to buy Wale tickets now!

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