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Timeflies are a musical duo that is quite new on the music landscape but even in such a short space of time it has gone on to generate headlines for all the right reasons. The electric and dynamic style of music they come out with have given them a fiercely loyal fanbase.  They have hit the road and you can watch what makes them so special by simply buying Timeflies tickets.

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About Timeflies

Timeflies is the brainchild of Rob Resnick also known as Rez and Cal Shapiro. Rob acts the producer whereas Cal takes over the role of the vocalist. Rez entered the production world during his high school days. He constructed his own studio by the name of Pro Tools that was geared towards working on his own groups After Tonight and Inevitable. He graduated from the Tuft University with a degree in music and psychology.  He began to DJ and took on the drumming duties for a band named The Ride. Cal on the other hand has been a playing since his teen age days as on freestyle basis. He graduated in Music and Entrepreneurship from the Tuft University as well. It was during his university days that he joined The Ride. It was during those days that he really fell in love with performing on the stage.
The two of them first met each other during their days at the Tuft University as students. They had a few friends in common so invariably they would end up partying at the same place. Those interactions soon led to a very special friendship with their love for music being at the core of it. Both of them then started to hone their skills by joining a funk band called The Ride. As members of the group then earned the opportunity to play and rehearse with the likes of Spring Fling and Ludacris. Those stints opened their eyes to a whole new world and played a big part in taking their talents to the next level. Rez and Cal then decided to break away and start their own project which ended up being Timeflies as we know it now. 
The name came from their busy schedule. The duo were working tirelessly, spending long hours in the studio to the point where they realized that time was waltzing past them and that is where the name Timeflies originated. They both have different tastes in music so they gave up being genre specific and decided to take a very unique approach which revolved around composing and coming up with anything and everything that appealed to them. That gave their music a sound and feel that was more diverse and catered to a much larger audience. The combination of hip-hop, pop, rock, electro and dubstep is what is at the heart of the music they create.
The officially announced their arrival on the music scene with their debut album titled The Scotch Tape. It hit the market on 19th September, 2011 and became a big hit. The success of the album was a tribute to the countless hours they had spent in the studio fine-tuning everything to ensure it appeals to everyone. It shot straight up to the number eight spot on iTunes overall chart and captured the second spot on the iTunes Pop Chart. The success of The Scotch Tape not only announced their arrival in style but also indicated that bigger and better things are around the corner.
If they keep on doing things their way and keep on coming up with their magnificent fusion of various styles then surely there is no stopping Timeflies from reaching the top of the mountain. The success of their debut release has put them in a privileged position from where they can take the leap to the next level. Now that they are going on tour catch them live by buying your cheap Timeflies tickets for an amazing journey through different genres.

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