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The Weeknd entered the music industry in 2010 and has remained in the spotlight ever since. Though his career is just five years old, he has been able to impress everyone with his music. He has also received a lot of admiration from different publications like, BET, MTV, Pitchfork and Rolling Stones among others.

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Rising to the top

The Weeknd began his journey after his songs were discovered by the Canadian rapper, Drake who posted them on his blog. He started to get noticed and soon released his first mixtape, ‘House of Balloons’ in 2011. It was a hit and was nominated for the 2011 Polaris Music Prize. He followed that up by putting out two more mixtapes during the same year and began his US Tour by delivering a performance at the Coachella Festival. The Weeknd went on to perform at various venues and came out with his platinum selling compilation album, ‘Trilogy’ in 2012.

Building a legacy

The Weeknd though new in the music industry has already made a huge impact and has not only become a fan favorite but has also received a lot of appreciation from names like Drake, Babyface, Kanye West and Nick Jonas. He has also received four Juno Awards and Much Music Video Awards. He is also the recipient of one BET Award. Now the Grammy nominated star is making his way to the Centre Bell as part of his ‘Madness Fall Tour.’ Book The Weeknd Montreal tickets and enjoy the concert live.

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