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How The Weeknd made it big with his many achievements

Making waves on the music scene and regular headlines in the press is the pop and R&B star The Weeknd. The talented singer-songwriter became an overnight sensation courtesy of his three top five hits and it looks like he has only just begun. The Weeknd has a lot going on for him these days leading many to wonder if he might become one of the biggest stars in the pop industry. Here are some of his greatest achievements thus far that have made him a force to reckon with.

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Billboard hits in plenty

The Weeknd turned heads with his first number one hit on “The Billboard Hot 100.” “The Hills” ruled the charts for three weeks. The prodigious rapper recorded the soundtrack “Earned It” for the movie Fifty Shades of Grey that charted among the top five. He is also responsible for the recent chart-topping single “Can’t Feel My Face” which has earned immense critical and commercial acclaim, and even become a favorite among celebrities like Tom Cruise and Stevie Wonder.

The Weeknd’s second studio album Beauty Beneath the Madness topped “The Billboard 200” and sold over 412,000 units on its first week of sale becoming the second most successful album launch of the year at the time.

What’s next for The Weeknd

November will see the artist kicking off his much anticipated Madness Tour prior to which he will hit the stage at 30 Rock to treat audiences to songs from his latest album. The Weeknd Miami tickets will be just the thing for those interested in his music, so book your seats soon. 

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