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Nobody really knows who Sam Wisner is but plenty of hip hoppers in the underground scene call him a rapping god! Better known as Sam Adams, the rapper, the guy is a genius when it comes to rapping. He is definitely got the thing rappers refer to as ‘the flow’ which makes the listeners believe they are slithering down the buttery slope and that sure is a nice feeling particularly because now a days there are plenty of fakers with mic in their hand and no talent whatsoever. That is when the young artists like Sam Adams really present a pleasant change. The artist has several really successful shows to his credit which are a proof enough of his popularity amongst the fans of rap and hip hop music.

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Sam Adams is one of the rare examples of internet celebrities becoming real life stars. The guy became a major hit amongst YouTubers when he released his first single 'I Hate College (Remix)' on the video sharing website. The video was a massive hit for Adam as it got thousands and thousands of hits with plenty of encouraging comments with the help of which, he was able to release an EP version of it a few months later. From YouTube to a real life star, Sam Adams has sure come a long way in the past few months on the basis of sheer talent. He is the guy you have got to listen to so grab your Sam Adams Newyork Tickets now and enjoy!