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From the ghettos of East Orange, three high school students- Treach, Vinnie and Kay Gee, formed a group called “New Style” in 1986. Together the trio produced hip-hop and rap music which turned out to be an instant hit. However, “New Style” now known as “Naughty by Nature”, was only able to achieve the heights that it did because of Queen Latifah. She discovered them in 1991 and had them sign on with Tommy Boy Records. Since then Naughty by Nature has given six albums; all of them receiving rave reviews from music critics.They continue to tour within the United States and throughout the world.

About Naughty By Nature


Their achievements as a hip-hop/rap group are unparalleled. There is no wonder as to why they are called “Kings of the Hip-Hop Anthem.” Naughty by Nature has sold millions of album copies worldwide with one of them even categorized as Platinum.


Success, Hiatus and Tour

The Grammy and American Music Award winners have many accomplishments under their belts. One of the aspects their music is applauded for is that while Naughty by Nature creates beats unlike any other musician, they have always remained true to themselves and never lost their credibility as artists. As competitive as the music industry is, it is very difficult to resist change and lose your voice. This is not the case for Naughty by Nature.


Some of their most famous tracks failed to top charts for this very reason, but nevertheless Naughty by Nature’s songs have constantly ranked on the Billboard 200. Their most famous songs include “Hip Hop Hurray” and “O.P.P.” The latter was actually the title track of their debut album “Naughty by Nature” and rocked hip-hop charts for quite some time.


While Naughty by Nature enjoyed commercial success, the members of the group started to pursue other careers. A potential Naughty by Nature breakup was imminent and so happened in 1999. The trio decided to take a hiatus from recording new songs and albums. Treach took this time to take up acting through which he landed a recurring role on HBO’s prison drama “Oz.” On the other hand, Kay Gee expanded his production business and worked alongside artists such as Aaliyah.


After a long break from the music world, the three united once again in 2011 to release their new album “Anthem Inc.” Although it did not do as well as Naughty by Nature’s previous albums, it reminded people of the music that they used to produce back in the day.


The following year Naughty by Nature performed at “Rock the Bells” (a hip-hop music festival series). The 2012 music festival included old and new school artists such as Salt-n-Peppa, Ice Cube, Missy Elliott, Kid Cudi, Kendrick Lamar and Lupe Fiasco. Consequently Naughty by Nature’s tours in 2013 and 2015 received positive reviews from concert goers. The crowd was reminded of the group’s greatness when the trio played some of their classic songs.


A member of the audience is quoted as saying that Naughty by Nature still sounds the same as it did years ago. Moreover, the meet and greet after the concert was an experience that Naughty by Nature fans will find hard to forget. This summer Naughty by Nature is going to be playing at different venues all across the United States. With popular hits such as “O.P.P” and “Hip Hop Hurray” people are sure to purchase tickets in advance. Make sure you get your Naughty by Nature tickets before passes run out.