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Monster Jam events have always made headlines for drawing large crowds since the motorsport is enjoyed by everyone regardless of age or gender. The demonstration of jaw-dropping stunts by an ensemble of highly skilled drivers is what keeps the audience pumped up the entire show. These events feature custom-built monster-sized trucks such as the Grave Digger, Black Stallion, Maximum Destruction, Monster Mutt, Monster Energy which undergo different tasks in order to claim victory.

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Witnessed by almost four million people every year, the popularity of Monster Jam competitions keeps elevating with each passing show. To find out what the event has in store for you get Monster Jam tickets and see which driver succeeds in meandering his way through the tricky racing tracks.
Over the years, Monster Jam events have garnered immense popularity and international exposure. Starting in the United States and Canada, today they are seen in Europe and will be soon witnessed in Asia. Apart from the main event it is the one-on-one with the Monster Truck drivers that has become the biggest attraction. Thus, the “pit party” followed by the show allows the fans to interact with their favorite drivers, have autograph sessions and walk the tracks. The format of the competition differs in every show but Racing and Freestyle are the most common ones. Other than that, Wheelie competitions and Donut contests are also seen but are usually part of small-scale shows.
Racing is the traditional side-by-side racing style in which the truck has to cross the finish line to move on to the next round. Whereas, Freestyle competition allows the drivers to showcase their skills within a specified time limit. They are provided with ninety seconds plus thirty seconds bonus to perform stunts while driving over cars and making the attempt look effortless. Through Wheelie competition, the audiences witness gravity-defying stunts as the competition requires the truck to take a huge leap in order to stay perpendicular to the ground. In the Donut contest the driver spins the truck till the maximum score is attained or till he/she gets dizzy. Apart from the Monster Jam World Finals held in Las Vegas, the Double Down Trophy is also a fine catch for the drivers. It is given to whoever walks away with victory in both competitions; Freestyle and Racing.
The Monster Jam events are witnessed throughout the year and are mostly held in winters. The tours begin at the beginning of winter and wind up in March hitting United States, Canada and Europe. For the motorsport fans Monster Jam video games have also been produced; Monster Jam: Urban Assault, Monster Jam: Maximum, and Monster Jam: Path of Destruction being a few. Since the Monster Jam championship features Freestyle and Racing competitions, there are two winners that emerge every year. Maximum Destruction, Northern Nightmare, Goldberg, Wolverine, Batman, and Grave Digger are among the few champions. Buy cheap Monster Jam tickets to see the stunts live and meet the Monster Truck drivers in person.

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