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Mindless Behavior, the teenage sensations have taken the music world by storm. These young groups of performers are a breath of fresh air that have come up and made the kind if impact reserved for people with really special talents only. The talent and the ambition to be the best is there for everyone to see and if the early signs are anything to go by then sky is the limit. The band is coming to arenas near you and all you need to do is grab your Mindless Behavior tickets to catch them up close and personal.

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About Mindless Behavior

Mindless Behavior is a  young and dynamic music group with talent in abundance. The teenagers Princeton, Prodigy, Roc Royal and Ray Ray have certainly come a long way since they came onto the music scene four years ago. The seeds for the inception of Mindless Behavior came from a concept that was the brainchild of Walter Millsap, CEO of Conjunction Entertainment Inc. and Vincent Herbert, the head of Streamline Records. The plan to stage an open audition was arranged by Millsap, Candice Nelson, Keisha Gamble and David Scott. The idea behind the event was to give kids a chance to step up and show what they have to offer. Over six hundred youngsters participated but it was the quartet of Princeton, Prodigy, Roc Royal and Ray Ray that impressed one and all with their special talents. The four of them still needed to do some work on the sheer raw talents they possessed, especially as a group and they went to work immediately. They spent the next couple of years under the tutelage of Millsap and Vincent Herbert which helped them hone their skills to the level where they could make a serious impact. All the hard works eventually paid-off when their talents were recognized by the chairman of IGA Jimmy Lovine who signed them up for the record label.
That agreement with IGA was the big break Mindless Behavior wanted. The special bond and chemistry they shared shone through every time the quartet performed together. They needed to translate that to the recording room and in turn to their music and they did just that. Prodigy has always had a penchant to learn something new. Rock Royal was rapping when he was just eight years old and Princeton started singing at four. Ray Ray had been a student Tommy the Clown, the iconic battle dancer from L.A. The diverse talents came together to sublime effect which evident in their debut album #1 Girl which came out on 20th September, 2011. It became a hit as soon as it hit the music stores and debuted on the 7th spot at the Billboard 200.  The track from the album My Girl was released came out acted as a teaser for the album as it was released in 2010 to huge acclaim. It was viewed a staggering fourteen million times on YouTube and earned a BET Award nomination as well. Mrs. Right, another track from the sensational album, went to the top on BET’s 106 and then became the most sought after video on the Music Choice.
The success of the album paved they way for Mindless Behavior to go and perform at sell-out tours as opening acts for stars like the Backstreet Boys, Jason Derulo and Janet Jackson. These stints took their popularity to the next level and Mindless Behavior tickets started to sell everywhere to packed houses. The band's arrival in the music industry has been nothing short of spectacular. The success they enjoy is unbelievable especially for artists as young as them. Bigger and better things are around the corner and it seems that there is no stopping them from reaching the top. The group is on tour now and cheap Mindless Behavior tickets are available for you to buy and watch them live.

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